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Question about Romados

I was at Romados the other day and it was the 3rd time that I've gotten chicken there. This time, I asked for extra hot sauce. But not only on the chicken. I asked the guy if he could put some extra sauce on the side. But he flat out refused, even when I said I'd pay extra for it. He basically said that they decide what they sell to the client, and that was that. (he was somewhat rude) So I was wondering if it's always like this (is it like their pet peeve or something?).... I mean other places that are known for their sauces don't refuse. Like at McDonald's you can pay for extra Big Mac sauce in a container (hate using that as an example, but it's just to make a point).

Anyways, all that to ask if I'm just going to have to be content with the amount that they spread on the chicken? Because I really like that sauce, and I like dipping the fries in it also.

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  1. Your level of service can depend on who is serving you and what mood he is in and how busy the day has been and etc.

    Dropping a loony in the tip can when your server can see could improve your experience.


    1. The guys behind the counter are usually not too thrilled with special requests. They mainly just want to keep the line moving (overall a good thing). With prices so low, can't really complain much. Maybe you'll get someone in a better mood next time.

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        Same thing happened to me once too, at Braseiro on St-laurent....according to them they don't give extra sauce on the side to go in case you "take it home, analyse it, reproduce it and sell it". I wish I were joking!

        8261 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2P2M1, CA

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          This was actually my first thought, since we all have HPLCs sitting our kitchens.

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            Yup, my HPLC is right between the toaster oven and the centrifuge.

            Seriously, I do sometimes fantacise about lab equipment in the kitchen. Like a shaking table to get all the air bubbles out of tempered chocolate after you pour it into molds.

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              FYI: Chamber vacuum unit will do a better job of getting the bubbles out; all the shaker will do is slosh chocolate around (I've used them in the labs for processing tissues). The vacuum unit also does wonders after you do a high-speed process of anything in a blender.

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                Wattacetti, you should not tell me these things. Now I will be fantacising about chamber vacuum unit.

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              Dic Ann's once refused to sell me a takeout poutine with the sauce on the side, for the exact same reason.

              If only these resto owners understood that their competitive advantage is not in their secret sauce recipe; it's in how they make their loyal customers feel. Alas.

              Dic Ann's
              10910 Boulevard Pie-IX, Montreal-Nord, QC H1H, CA

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                Terasse Lafayette once refused to sell me a souvlaki with the tzatziki on the side. I can't remember the reason they gave. Ridiculous.

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                  I mentioned it before on this board, the Romados person serving the chicken once refused to speak to me in English. Telling it's French only spoken here.

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                    'the Romados person serving the chicken once refused to speak to me in English. Telling it's French only spoken here.'

                    Not only is that bad service, it's also pretentious. In Montreal, everyone should be able to get served in both English and French.

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                  'If only these resto owners understood that their competitive advantage is not in their secret sauce recipe; it's in how they make their loyal customers feel. Alas.'

                  Indeed. Actually I'm less keen on going back there now.... I'm half-hoping there will another place that has sauce that's about as good and that is willing to give you extra. I don't mind spending a few dollars more if I get better service.

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                'The guys behind the counter are usually not too thrilled with special requests. They mainly just want to keep the line moving (overall a good thing).'

                I can understand that.... except there was no line when I was there. There was one other person and he was being served by a second person.

              3. If you want it on your fries, just ask, they will brush it on your fries, too. Just don't wait til they are about to close the lid, and be sure to tip. Where did you expect them to put extra sauce? Take a look at their set-up. They don't have little cups for it. Did you expect them to pick the metal sauce container out their mise-en-place, and carefully pour it out of a corner (trying not to make a huge mess) "on the side" (it'd run all over) in the container?

                Sorry, but I'm with them. Your request was kinda ridiculous, whether there were people behind you or not. They will gladly put extra sauce on your chicken or fries. They won't do something that will take at least a minute start to finish, that will end up with piri sauce all over their cutting board and over the side of the tray, splashing on the rest of the metal area and dripping below when they put it back etc...

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                  Well...a place that does a lot of pick ups and take outs should have little cups as part of their equipment. I still think it is either laziness or paranoia about their secret sauces. People will probably still go back if they say no without a real reason.

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                    I'm not sure about my request being 'ridiculous' considering the sauce is practically half the meal (taste-wise) and that I'm sure many people have asked for sauce on the side before I did. They have a metal container, but they also have a big bottle they use to squirt it on (like Subway does with their sauces), so in my mind it wasn't much of a stretch to think that they could have those little ketchup paper containers to put it in.

                    Again, I'm not trying to come across as some pretentious food critic or something, I'm just
                    1) bummed that there's no way to get more of the best part of the meal and
                    2) annoyed that the guy seemed borderline insulted that I bothered to ask about it

                    But thank you for mentioning putting the sauce on the fries. It's not the best solution, but it definitely helps.

                    1. re: one_below_infinity

                      You don't have to question yourself on that one, asking for SAUCE at a RESTAURANT is not ridiculous.....

                      1. re: humbert

                        If I recall, the owners/managers get to decide what they sell. You can make suggestions, but it's their right to decide. If you don't like it, you can take your business elsewhere. I would understand if they had the materials to do that (little cups), but they don't.

                        Telling someone imperatively that they need to change their (successful) business model typically ends with them telling you off.

                        So, yes, asking for sauce in a little container (that they do not have) and whining vociferously about it later is ridiculous. Asking for extra on the chicken/fries so you have a wonderful pool at the bottom is ridiculously wonderful.

                  2. ....on a general note sometimes it is hard to venture a post here as there are wannabe administrators who are ready to comment on ones comments, poke fun at typos or doubleentendre--my preference is if you have time on your hands comment about your experience with food/restos not clamp down on the poster"s comments. The thread about this is kind of long so do not know if this is a repeat: if they dont have cups I think the occasional person asking for sauce on side will not sidetrack their efficiency so why not bring your own cup and see if they will accomodate the request, worth a try. Consensus is not likely on this board and not necessarily a good thing, if it is the goal then many posters well go elsewhere (:

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                      Lol. Yeah, walk in there with your own tupperware and ask to a bring sample of their sauce home - I'm sure that'll go over well.

                      Look, people, you aren't gonna get their sauce "on the side", and they are completely within their rights & reason. Get over it. They are the best at what they do, and they do it at bargain prices. If that's not enough to make you happy, go elsewhere.

                      1. re: Shattered

                        Geez, don't tear each others heads off or anything....
                        Humbert mentioned this before (that post got deleted for whatever reason), but that they have the right to refuse to give me extra sauce was never an issue. I FULLY REALIZE that they have the right to refuse to give me extra sauce. I just think it's stupid and unprofessional, that's all.

                        So I came on this forum wondering what was up. I expected responses somewhere between 'Oh no, don't tell me you asked for EXTRA SAUCE??? That's a no-no!' and 'What in the world?! They didn't give you extra sauce?', which was pretty much what I got. There's nothing else I can do about it, except ask for sauce on the fries (which was the main reason I wanted it, so that I could dip my fries in them).

                        For the record, I didn't walk in and 'imperatively tell' him to give me extra sauce. I asked him. When he refused, I offered to pay extra, thinking it might be a money issue. When he refused again, I took my order and left. The end.

                        Thank you everyone for your input.

                        1. re: Shattered

                          .....exactly my point!

                          by the way no one mentioned tupperware.....no one except you In other words why did this member even bother to ask his question -just to be ridiculed, he was asking for it on the side not a sample and offered to pay extra; ..... Frankly montrealers have to swallow a lot in terms of poor service, rudeness, inflexibility all too often on the resto scene so he may have a point regardless of rights. He may not succeed even with my suggestion (was not intended as a joke=lol) but seems appropriate to me to raise it here and he has received some postive feedback from some posters.

                          1. re: mangoannie

                            "Your request was kinda ridiculous" - Really? Asking for extra sauce on the side is "kind of ridiculous". How so, that's a pretty standard request anywhere. Like the others said, I don't know why people are getting all worked up about the OPs request. Romados could do as they wish but it's clearly not a, "ridiculous request".

                            Their set up has nothing to do with it either as someone mentioned. My guess is that they just don't want to have to make extra piri piri sauce only to start handing it out on the side to everyone. You need to use a lot a lot of oil to make the sauce as it's pretty much the only wet ingredient, a little goes a long way when it comes to piri piri. Even if they charge a $1 it's probably not worth it for them. But ridiculous request? Cmon.

                            And bringing your own cup is probably not a good idea either.

                            1. re: ios94

                              I did a test today. I asked for extra sauce on the side to dip my fries. The women looked at me with an annoyed look. I asked her is there was a problem Madam? She said no but she doesn't have anything to put my sauce in on the side. I said fine then just drench the fries with your brush. She did but I noticed that she was annoyed. I told her a smile will move mountains. She didn't even smile, didn't tell me to enjoy or said thank you come again. I didn't leave a tip since I was on a mission. Oh well we'll see if her attitude changes next time.

                              1. re: maj54us

                                Hey thanks for doing that! It's funny, I told my little story to a friend of mine, and when her boyfriend asked for extra sauce on the fries (as a test) when he went , he got the same annoyed reaction.

                                1. re: maj54us

                                  I would also be annoyed and when people tell me I should sm:)e... well, that's even more reason not to. For the most part, the place is crazy busy and special requests and idle chit chat don't make for smiling.

                                  1. re: chickenbruiser

                                    Don't change my words you bruiser of the chicken kind you. lol

                                    She was annoyed from the request before I even mentioned my sentence.

                                    I didn't tell her to smile. I said en francais "un sourire bouger les montagnes". She didn't get the hint. I hope It does mean a smile moves mountains unless I was insulting her kniffe skills : ( lol

                                    1. re: maj54us

                                      What you said litterally means 'a smile 'to move' (infinitive) mountains', but she probably understood what you meant. If you want to say it 100% right it's 'un sourire fait bouger les montagnes', or better yet the expression in French is 'un sourire soulève des montagnes' (a smile LIFTS mountains).

                                  2. re: maj54us

                                    Well, I decided that I should do a test myself. I went today and ordered a half-chicken, fries, salad, and rice. When the guy asked me if I wanted it spicy or not, I said 'spicy' and in the same breath asked if he could put some on the fries too. He didn't answer as he started cutting up the chicken, but after putting the fries in the container, he took the brush again and spread sauce over them. So I gave him a nice tip, said thanks, paid, and left. This is what I will do from now on.

                                    1. re: one_below_infinity

                                      I miss Maria the lady that was there before. She knew how to work the crowd.
                                      One of the guys is really nice also the new women is not so far. I tipped her in the past but never had any enthusiasm from her yet. Now that I didn't tip her on my last visit I might get a knife in the forehead on my next trip. el ohh el

                                      1. re: one_below_infinity

                                        There ya go, one-below. They aren't such meanies after all.