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Oct 6, 2011 11:19 PM

Do Any Real Sub Shops Still Exist In The Dade/Broward Area That Still Make Old Fashion Subs?

I'm talking real subs that were made with thick cut prime meats on fresh baked chewey rolls that were finished in egg wash and semolina and weighed pounds, not ounces. Those were served open face in baskets topped with mounds of shredded lettuce,thin sliced onions and their house vinaigrette / sub sauce . Last place I recall still making subs like that was the old George's on SW 8th street and around 40th avenue. That's what used to be called a sub before the Blimpie/Cap'n Jimmy's/Subways re-invented the sub with a few ounces of cheap cold cuts folded over each other on cheap bread-like rolls. A half sub used to be a meal for someone with a big appetite. Other places that I remember having a great sub like that was Jon's Beef & Beer on State Rd. 84 by the airport in an old Arby's building and The Sub Shop in Downtown Miami across from Miami-Dade Jr. college. Those were subs to die for. Italian subs had quality meats with real Capicola, Huge mortadella rounds with pistachios, Genoa or hard salami, quality, fragrant garlic bologna and real cold smoked Provolone that most of those places had deliveries from the north east meat packing houses rather then use meats from local suppliers. Nowadays the best you can do is about 3 oz of cheap meat and the use of the mystery chopped ham loaf and a spongy Cotto salami that's similar to Oscar Myer packaged lunch meat and a few slices of formed ham passing as an Italian Sub. To those of you that are going to point to Casola's, forget it. That's an inexpensive bread roll with the equivalent of Plumrose ham, Publix Genoa and Provolone, and Sysco distributed Colosseum Mortadella topped with salad torn lettuce, a few red onion slices, and loads of dill pickles slices and some chopped tomatoes. Not bad for $8, but hardly a sub of old, and certainly an order of magnitude better then the chains. I'm sure it would cost some bucks to make them the old way, but I sure it would be worth it to pay around double the cost of the chains to get a great sub.

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    1. re: LiveRock

      peters road subs in plantation on peters road 2 blocks west of 441

      1. re: seminole phil

        I've checked out some of these links and did some searches. Frankly, I'[m unimpressed with what I'm seeing as representative of what would have been served up to the late 70's. From what I see, most all of these places are emulating a current Subway type sandwich model with very little meat. When places brag about using only Boar's Head or Dietz & Watson meats, that's pretty poor if you've ever been exposed to old world meat packing house cold cuts and quality cheeses. From the pictures I've seen, the amount of meat & cheese is quite sparse with some rather unortodox toppings by traditional standards. I'm sure there are plenty of folks that would be willing to pay good money for the real deal. If there's plenty of people that are willing to pay $14 for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich prepared and stacked the old way or "goumet" wood fired pizza's in the $30 range, I'm sure there's a market for subs done that old way too.

        1. re: DawnT

          Try Doris Markets (5 locations in Broward) for old fashioned Brooklyn style Subs.

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            I believe that you should try La Spada's. Skimping on deli meat and La Spada's would seemingly be an oxymoron in my opinion. It is not thick cut per se but they pack it on.

            1. re: DawnT

              DawnT --

              Everybody's got their favorite sub/grinder/hoagie place, but I'd suggest that if your type of 'old fashion' place were preferred, there'd be more around -- not so hard to find. This is a pretty eclectic board, and no one has yet seemed to suggest a place that might fill your need. Maybe such a place doesn't exist in this economic climate?

              Maybe such places went the way of the nickle beer and the 5 cent cigar.

              1. re: DawnT

                Comparing the recommendations I posted to "a current Subway type sandwich model", based solely on their online presence, is not only an affront to my worthiness as a Chowhound also speaks volume about yours.

          2. You May want to give LaSpada's a try there web site might be a bit dodgy but I have been eating there since I was a kid (1974) I believe you will be impressed

            1. La Spada's has been a Zagat's "best bang for the buck" for as long as I've lived here.

              Sub Center on Hollywood Blvd, just east of 441 (next to Siciliano's frozen custard, same ownership)

              Recent find for roast beef and meatball subs (among others): John's Heros:

              Sub Center
              5913 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021

              1. Liverock posted a favorite of mine...V&S Deli on Federal in Boca. I'm originally from Boston (Santoro's subs) and spent the last 40+ years in New York having eaten the best throughout the metropolitan area. V&S compares very well with the best of them....both cold and hot. Give them a won't regret it.

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                1. re: alcaplan

                  Ditto on V & S. Ask for the sandwich on Italian bread not a sub roll.

                2. You might try Sonny's Famous Steak Hoagies in Hollywood. Order an Italian Mixed. They bake their own rolls and it has been there for 50+ years. I used to enjoy Atlantic City Subs also in Hollywood until they closed a few years back.

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                  1. re: ruthless2

                    We watched their vid on youtube yesterday. Their meatball sub looks like a winner. Steak too. I'd like to take a run up there on the weekend if we could break away for the day. Thanks for posting.

                    1. re: DawnT

                      I live in Miami Beach so don't get up there too often either, but saw it on DDD and thought I'd give it a try. Very old school place. My husband and I usually order one italian and one steak onion cheese with cherry peppers and sos (#90 with provolone). Around $6 each. Didn't love the meatballs.