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Oct 6, 2011 09:03 PM

Visiting Naples

Visiting Naples with the family and looking for nice dinner options with the children (7 and 10) and really nice dinner without them.

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  1. We had great meals at Fernandez the Bull on Piper, and El Tapatio on 41.

    734 E Memorial Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801

    1. depends what part of town you are staying and whether you want to travel--but even going from downtown Naples to Bonita is 30-40 min.
      Naples Tomato--known for their fresh pasta and many wines by the glass (mostly adult)
      Mercato center has many good places from Capital Grill to AZN (asian fusion sushi as well as hot dishes--all ages. also a deli there that some consider good (its from Michigan so you decide). Chopotle also there-tex/mex on the cheap.
      Agave is a new high end mexican--guacamole made at the tableside. its been very crowded--all ages.
      Bricktops--great bistro in the Waterside center and Brio next door is good (Italian Trattoria --has a sister rest Brio at Mercato).
      upscale downtown: Prestons for steak. Campiello for italian. Sea Salt for expensive world class food. Jolly Cricket for good pub fare.
      and of course my all time favorite, off the beaten track--Inca's Kitchen.

      1. Thanks to both of you. We wound up going with a few other recs from friends, family, and the concierge at the hotel.

        Miromare - nice midscale Italian food. We ate outdoors on the patio. It overlooked the water (I think it was the Gordon River). Everything was good and I would recommend the place for the setting, but the food was nothing I couldn't get at any other Italian restaurant.

        Roy's - apparently they have another one in Hawaii, and possibly elsehwere. The food was fantastic. I had the ahi tuna, but the short ribs and the snapper were also particularly good. The service was terrific. They couldn't have been nicer or more accomodating. Highly recommended.

        Truluck's - maybe it was overhyped, but it was not my favoirte restaurant of the week. It was crowded, and noisy. Although our server was very nice, the overall feel of the restaurant was a little pretentious. The salads came out so fast they must have been pre-made and waiting to be sent out. They were good, but it's hard to go wrong on a salad. I had the ruby trout which was delicious. It was a very large portion. My wife had the halibut which was also very good. Although I didn't like the atmosphere, the food was really great and I would go back given the opportunity.

        Campiello - upscale Italian. Very large, very busy, but also very welcoming and made our large party feel at home. Although it was upscale, it was definitely not like Truluck's. I was comfortable in my jeans and flip-flops. Other tables had people wearing everything from shorts to polos to trousers. There was a kids' menu which was great. I started with the spicy calamari which was amazing. Everyone that tried it commented on how light the breading was and how good the calamari tasted. It came with a pesto or aioli which was also very tasty. For dinner I had the tagliatelle with lamb sausage which was excellent as well. I would return here in an instant.