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Oct 6, 2011 08:28 PM

all vodka is not the same

Yes there is a slight difference in taste and smell with different vodkas, so slight nine out of ten people would never be able to pick the same vodka twice in a blind taste test. The main difference in vodka is the next day and there are only a few that have never given me a hangover (of course speaking if u drink in SOME KIND of modificaton), belvedere is one, sobieski is NOT one, in fact when I have had 6 or 7 shots of sobieski I have been extremely hungover whereas with gey goose not at all, svedka not so much, finlandia, absolute, and shakers wheat vodka is good too. There are several others, but you do get what you pay for, just as in any industry there are some brands that are over advertised and so overpriced, but the best are the best and grey goose is one among a few.

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  1. So don't drink 6-7 shots at one time, that's hardly moderation. (Or modification.) Or drink more water during/afterwards, I have never gotten hung over when properly hydrated.

    I was able to pick Smirnoff over Sobieski every time when I did a blind test a while back, it is more neutral. The Sobieski has a very mild but not unpleasant taste, and next to it the Smirnoff was like water.

    1. bigbusiness: I had this discussion with my neighbor who is from Russia. He thinks more multiple filtering/distillation is the key differences between vodkas and prefers Grey Goose over Stoli [which surprised me].

      Yankee: My guess is that you could tell the difference between Smirnoff and Sobieski largely due to the latter being made of rye. I would be impressed if you could tell the difference between Smirnoff and Svedka in a blind taste test.

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        Yes I am aware of that, I said exactly the same thing in a thread here right after I did the test - but when I first tasted the Sobieski by itself, it seemed very neutral. Only when compared to the Smirnoff did I detect any taste. And it did win that taste test by the NY times against numerous high-end vodkas.

        1. re: ncyankee101

          When I am forced to have vodka on hand, I buy Smirnoff Red Label or Svedka ....

      2. Disclosure: I'm not a vodka expert.

        If you want flavor in your vodka and live in New York State, try Vintner's Vodka from Finger Lakes Distilling. It's made from grapes and has a pronounced grappa-like grape-based flavor, yet is very smooth. I *almost* bought a bottle. Scroll down some

        I have a friend who swears by Grey Goose because it doesn't give him a headache and others do. Not sure if its true or not. He doesn't drink vodka at my house. ;


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        1. Sounds like a chef I met once who claimed to drink two bottles of wine a night and could tell the good ones by how he felt the next day.

          The idea that Grey Goose is fairly priced and not over-advertised seems a bit wacky considering it is a well known case of marketing over substance.

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          1. re: nickls

            Yes grey goose is slightly over priced due to marketing but it is still a great vodka none the less, the whole point of the post is that there is so much nonsense buzzing around about these cheap vodkas having a "good" taste, no human can be truely honest and say any straigh tvodka is has a pleasent taste, ie they would drink it if they didn't get any buzz or affect from the alcohol, there is a small difference between rye and wheat but the point is some vodka does not give u a hangover if u do choose to drink a pint in a night. Yes you do also have to drink water before bed but that is just common sense, you should drink a few cups of water before bed even if u don't consume alcohol

            1. re: bigbusiness

              Sleep experts disagree strongly about drinking water right before bed.

              In this oft-quoted taste test Grey Goose scored near the bottom


              1. re: ncyankee101

                Drinking water before I go to bed after a "hearty" drinking session has minimized hangovers for me for over twenty years to date ... It may not be good on the ole sleep cycle [in having to get up to urinate], but it sure seems to help counter the effects of dehydration.

                1. re: hawkeyeui93

                  Yes i agree with you there - I was disagreeing with BBs assertion that you should do that even if you haven't been drinking.

          2. There is a new vodka on the market, distilled in Bethel, NY right across the road from where the Woodstock festival was held. Catskill Distillery is producing Peace Vodka. Triple distilled. It is simply amazing. The smoothest vodka you will ever have. No heat or throat burn from the alcohol.