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Oct 6, 2011 07:02 PM

Where can I get Hutterite chickens in Calgary or area??

Does anyone know where I can order a large number of hutterite chickens at this time od year??

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  1. Co-Op often has them. DJ's Market (not sure if they have closed yet for the season) has frozen hutterite chickens.

    1. I'm pretty sure the ten chickens you can order at Chicken on the way are from the Hutterites. You can ask them, you have to order ahead and pick them up on Wednesday.

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      1. re: The Gut

        I believe that Chicken on the Way uses their own chickens. If you dig back into the history books, or at least the articles on their wall; COTW was formed as a way for them to sell the chickens they were raising. As far as I know, they still raise their own.

      2. I've seen fresh at the Co-op at Southland and 24th, but I haven't been there in months. I expect that if you are ordering though you could try any Co-op. Or Crossroads market, there are a lot of Hutters there this time of year, you may be able to buy direct.

        1. Thank you all...I was able to get a contact via Crossroads market....Springvale Colony..403

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            HI, know its a long time ago but how much are you getting the chickens for?In co-op they are between $19 and $25 but ive heard of getting for $10 each im wondering if they are like the big ones in co-op, i just dont want to get ripped off but am excited to try my first hutterite chickens!!

            1. re: Lisaleathers

              I bought a few last year, huge - and tough as leather when roasted, wonderful when stewed. 50 years ago I think these big birds were called "stewing hens" and were dirt cheap. $10 each for really big ones sounds OK I guess, but I don't get the $25 per bird I paid because I thought there must be something exceptional about them from all the talk. These are just "stewing hens" - right? or am I missing something. Seems to me when a chicken grows that big it's pretty old -and tough, unless you "stew" it.
              What am I missing about "Hutterite" chickens?

          2. Apparently they are selling some in Strathmore today- Kinsmen park. (heard it was about $65 for a bag of 5 big chickens)