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Oct 6, 2011 06:36 PM

What's up with this place (Calgary)?

Does anyone know the story behind the place that used to be Primal Grounds (on 37St/26 Ave SW)? After changing hands it became a cafe called Double Delight for the summer and now it's become The Rice Bowl, a sushi place.

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  1. And in a couple of months it'll be vacant.

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    1. Margaret sold the land and she is now at Kingsland Farmers Market, selling her soup and sandwiches.

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      1. re: JingJong

        I knew that much—I 'm curious as to what's going on with the new guy. Margaret said she'd had such a good offer that she couldn't turn it down which led me to think that the new owner had some great plan/idea in mind but it doesn't seem to have panned out that way.

      2. I drive by it all the time and it doesn't exactly look busy. It's a good spot, though - someone open up a little bistro, please!

        1. I'm wondering if The Rice Bowl is a franchise or if he's trying to make it into one? The new banner that went up (unrolled from a giant sheet) gave me that impression.