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Oct 6, 2011 05:05 PM

Pink-Fleshed Apples [DTW]

A few years ago, I bought an assorted apple basket at [of all places] Meijer. One of the apples in the basket was a pink-fleshed apple. I have no idea what specific variety it was, but it was fantastic.

Read more about pink- or red-fleshed apples here:

But, ever since, I've been looking everywhere for a pink-fleshed apple. I've never seen another at Meijer, or at any other market (Kroger as well as the more 'gourmet' places like Nino, Westborn, etc.). I've never seen them at any of the orchards or cider mills I've been to.

Has anyone seen pink-fleshed apples in the SE Michigan area? Where? I will drive hours for one!!!

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  1. I haven't found any place in SE Michigan that has pink-fleshed apples but if you're willing to drive to SW Michigan it appears Tree-Mendus Fruit in Eau Claire has lots of heritage apples, including pink-fleshed ones, according to their website.

    If you go please post, I'm very curious now about pink-fleshed apples!

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      Whole Foods, at least the one in Rochester Hills, has 6-8 different heirloom apples from Tree-Mendus. And they were only 99C/LB last week.
      I don't recall the varietals the yhad on hand, besides the one I bought (Kandil Sinap - which are quite tasty).

      1. re: Markcron

        Thanks for the recommendations! Tree-Mendus is definitely viable, but having a darn cold this weekend is preventing me from going to check it out. A google search also turned up a place similar to Tree-Mendus, but in the Midland, MI area:

        Eastman's Antique Apples

        Eastman's sells their stuff at the Midland Farmers Market every Saturday, and I was going to go yesterday, if not for my cold.

        Anyway, I also went to the Whole Foods in Troy (15 Mile & Crooks). They too had Tree-Mendus apples, about 5 varieties, but none were the pink type.

    2. By the way, I also contacted Eastern Market to see if any of their vendors might have pink-fleshed apples. Still waiting to hear from them. In the last couple of weeks, I haven't SEEN them at Eastern Market, but maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places.

      1. Sorry I can't help in your search. Do you think you would be able to identify the one you had if you saw a picture of the skin? There are some detailed photos and descriptions of a few varieties here:

        When you said 'pink-fleshed' I didn't realize there were varieties that were SO pink! I was picturing a 'hint' of pink.

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        1. re: tokyo

          Aren't they beautiful! I want some, too!

          1. re: tokyo

            That's a really informative link, tokyo. Thanks. All I remember about the one in the variety pack is that it had a deep, brilliant, red skin. So perhaps it was the Niedzwetzkyana, Pearmain, Rubaiyat, or Parfait. But the Tree-Mendus site lists several other types of pink-fleshed apples. So it seems there are a number of varieties--just sort of rare, I suppose.

            ...but if they're so rare, why the heck was there one in a Meijer variety pack?!?!

            Heh, I'm hoping to have time this coming weekend to go pink-apple-searching. Will let you all know if I find anything!

          2. The Sunday DetNews had an article on Michigan grown apples. It mentioned the website:

            Perhaps the folks behind that website will know where you can find what you seek.

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              The Michigan apple website seems to focus on the large commodity-type growers and varieties. I think you're going to have to find a grower of heirloom apples, like the aforementioned Treemendus.

              There's also a grower in Northport, Christmas Cove farms:


              You might also try checking Obstbaum Orchards, out Northville/Plymouth way. I believe they have some exotics, not sure about pink fleshed ones.