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Oct 6, 2011 04:27 PM

In and around Clarkson, Mississauga

Looking for good eats of all kinds in the area. Love to try new places/foods.
I've had good pizza from Jopapa's on Truscott as well as good buns and cakes from Truscott Italian bakery in the same plazza.
Have had great Roti from Calabash on Southdown/QEW.
Wings from Clarkson Pump are good if you like the small fryers.
Turtle Jacks and Fionn McCool's are good options for chains. I'm sure there are more, however I'll have the think.

What are the food stores/restaurants you enjoy in and around Clarkson?

Clarkson Pump
1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Peroni's Pizzeria on south sheridan way is pretty close by and they have really good pizza lately. I Casalinga at lakeshore & southdown is really good for italian food. If you're feeling mexican cuisine, a new burrito place just opened up in the same plaza as calabash, they are really good.

      1. there's spoon and fork thats pretty decent with their AYCE lunch. Service is brutal, but the food is decent for the price.

        across the street there's a pizza place in the strip mall that's suppose to be quite good. i've never been myself. Mickey's is the name i think.

        Momiji a bit further east do a pretty good bento box for lunch.

        1. There is a Cuban Bakery between Cathraw and Dixie called Antojitos which has great cassava bread, great coffee and empanadas.

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            I've tried Antojitos a few times over the last few years and have enjoyed it. I've had the empanadas and a few other baked items.
            I thought this place was Columbian. I don't think it's Cuban. Just looked on Yelp and it appears it's Columbian.

          2. While at home not feeling well, I came across this thread and had completely forgotten about it.

            My preferences have changed since my original OP. I have not had Jopapas in over a year as I'm now hooked on Pizza Nova for delivery. Anyone have any other recs for pizza delivery? Mickeys I've had hit and miss pizzas with the deep dish so I no longer order from there. Loved it when it was good, although 3 out of the 5 times we ordered, it was lacking sauce.

            Truscott Italian Bakery is beautiful after the renos. Pastries, bread and coffees are all very good, however the hot table is meh. I work near San Remo though so I know Truscott can do better with quality. Kinda disappointed after the renos actually.

            No longer get roti from Calabash as last two times (few years ago) were a disappointment. I heard they changed owners around that time. Anyone been lately? Have they pulled up their socks? Any other good Caribbean in the area?

            Love the burritos from Chorizo. They do a grilled veggie that I enjoy. Hubby gets the meat and also enjoys them. Had Senior Burrito twice since they opened and won't be back. Did not enjoy the burritos as much as Chorizo.

            Still enjoy wings at Clarkson Pump, Erin Mills Pump or the Pump in Port Credit. Small fryers are still my fave, although I don't eat wings as much as I used to.

            Turtle Jacks is somewhere we end up once a year to see what's changed and usually it's not much.
            Fionn MacCools I like the bar set up when I'm feeling like having a drink. Food is decent.

            Haven't been to Macy's diner. How's is it?

            I noticed a new restaurant called Saffron Foods on Lakeshore. Hyderabadi Indian Food. I want to try this place.

            Also, Pho Le has been opening soon for a very looooong time. Given up hope on this place.

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            1. re: fryerlover

              Update on Calabash: DH brought home chicken rotis last night and they were really tasty. Roti skin was fresh made and had a nice chew to it. Good amount of chicken in the roti with some potatoes and gravy. Only caution is that DH ordered spicy and says it was mild. My mild had no trace of spice so I think I'd go with medium next time.

              DH ordered for pick up and was told they'd make a fresh batch of roti skin for him. He says they were very friendly. I'm really happy about this as this is the only roti option near by so we will be happy to go back.

              Fionn MacCools I refuse to go to unless DH wants to go due to a very negative experience with the manager. I do love thier bar set up though. Have not had thier food in a oong time so cannot comment.

              Still waiting for Pho Le to Don't think it's happening.

              New place called Katerina's Greek opening soon in the old Spoon and Fork location at Southdown and Lakeshore.

              1. re: fryerlover

                Update on the Update:

                Noticed this morning that the sign for Pho Le is no longer in the window. It was supposed to open in the plaza that is on the south side of Lakeshore accross the McDonalds/Homesense plaza.

                Closest Pho that I know of is Pho Mi 89 at 2501 Prince Michael Dr, Oakville. Near Dundas and Eighth Line.

                1. re: fryerlover

                  I like reading your updates. I think you have covered off some of the spots I would mention. We often do sit down Italian at's our go to place. One place worth mentioned that I would have have really bothered with unless someone told me is the "hot counter" at Cousins' grocery on HuronOntario just north of Lakeshore. Fantastic food and now I order from them when doing a big family dinner occassion at home. I find prices reasonable.

                  1. re: ciaociao1

                    Thanks ciaociao1. I've heard good things about Solstice over the years, although we never seem to end up there. We're gonna have to try them soon.

                2. re: fryerlover

                  Yes, Calabash is a great roti place they will also make your roti using a Paratha skin (Without the chickpea powder inside) if you request it. next time you go try the Doubles from there as well. the only other roti place i can think of in south Mississauga is Barbs Roti on lakeshore rd west of Dixie.

                  1. re: youdonut

                    I'll be sure to try the paratha skin next time. We have tried the doubles from Calabash and enjoyed them as well. They are a good size and quite filling on their own. We also enjoy Barb's when we are in that area.
                    I would like to try Leela' s Roti as I've read/heard good things about the food. I don't seem to find myself in that area too often though.