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Oct 6, 2011 02:20 PM

very simple cheap canned chicken dinner

I love to come up with cheap tasty recopies since the economy is so poor, so this one is probably not new but here it is. Take a cheap side dish like chicken flavored fettuchini and follow directions on package then mix a 12.5 oz. Can of chicken in it and a cheap can of mixed vegetables. Make a can of refrigerator biscuits to go with it and you got a cheap tasty dinner that feeds 4 comfortably.

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  1. cheapcook, I am impressed not only by your resourcefulness but also by how many times you were able to insert the word *cheap* into this post. :)

    1. yes very resourceful, though not sure I could take all the salt from all the canned goods. so would need to get a fresh glass of tap water to wash it all down : )

      1. We make a pasta salad that could easily replace chicken for tuna: Boil up half a box of shells, mix in 1-2 cans of chicken with mayo and celery, onion to taste, add about a cup of frozen peas. Makes enough for maybe 2 meals for 4.

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        1. re: berkleybabe

          You're getting 8 portions out of 8 oz pasta, a can of chicken, and a cup of frozen peas? Honestly, in my household 3 would be stretching it with those ingredients.

          1. re: ErnieD

            I don't know, somehow it makes a whole lot more than you think it will. Correction, I use about a half a BAG of frozen peas.

        2. Costco includes this with their Kirkland brand seasoned chicken breast meat, and hilariously calls it Sassy Chicken Salad:

          1 10-oz. can diced tomatoes and green chilies, drained (if only we had actual Ro-Tel in Canada..)
          1/2 cup mayonnaise (which I find to be WAY TOO MUCH)
          1 tablespoon honey
          1 can Kirkland Signature Premium Chunk Chicken Breast, drained and rinsed well
          1 cup celery, thinly sliced (which I don't use because celery is mostly awful)
          1 cup grapes, halved (which I don't use because I rarely have grapes)
          1/3 cup toasted pecans, chopped (which I often sub out for walnuts or almonds, since I more reliably have those)

          Combine first 3 ingredients in medium bowl; stir in chicken, breaking it up some, then add the rest. Cover and chill.

          I usually serve this with homemade corn tortillas, or with some garlicky sauteed greens in a wrap. Pass the polenta fries or baked sweet potatoes!

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          1. re: megjp

            I think it's the celery that makes that chicken salad so sassy.

          2. Wow! Cheap? Not in my book. Around here, canned chicken is $2+ a can. Even the store brand. I'd call canned chicken "lazy ass chicken" - lol.

            If you REALLY want to make this cheap, buy a whole chicken (around here $2 or less per pound, thus between $3-$6 for a WHOLE chicken), which will end up making you between 3 & 4 different dishes. Just do some web searching & wrap your head around the idea of dealing with a whole chicken instead of just opening up a can. Better nutrition & more meals for your buck.

            It's WAY too sad that more people don't follow this. Canned chicken? Good Lord.

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            1. re: Breezychow

              Amen, Breezy. Not to mention that for about a dollar, or less, you can get a full pound of frozen mixed vegetables with no salt or water, and more nutrients than the 75 cent can of mixed mushy vegetables in which you are paying for water and probably not getting more than 10 ounces of solids.

              A package of chicken noodle side dish costs at least twice as much as the same weight of plain noodles. If you need an easy thickener and don't mind the salt, half a can of cream-o-whatever soup will get you there.

              1. re: Breezychow

                And the packaged flavored fettucine mix and canned biscuits could probably also be made from scratch for less.