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Oct 6, 2011 01:15 PM

Santa Barb to Cambria: Wine bar/shop & local cheeses & fruit

Driving from Santa Barbara to Cambria this weekend. Don't really have time to visit several wineries. I looking for a wine shop or bar to do tastings of some harder to find wines. We live in the OC and have great wine shops that carry the big central coast wineries.

Also looking for a good purveyor of local artisan cheeses, meats and breads to pick up some picnic foods.

Not if it is too late in the season to find a fruit stand that carries some blueberries or grapes.

Thanks for you help.

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  1. If you take the San Marcos Highway 154 Pass from Santa Barbara going over to Highway 101 to complete your north bound journey (which is actually the shortest way anyway), you will pass the Los Olivos Grocery right off to the left before you reach the turnoff to the little town of Los Olivos - has most likely everything you need for a special picnic.

    Many fruit stands off Tefft Road West when you get to Nipomo area though not sure about what is still in season. Apples in See Canyon south of San Luis Obispo is always a road trip must for us. We like Gopher Glen. Loved our recent choice of Jonalicious.

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      Second the rec for Los Olivos Grocery, though there aren't a lot of locally made cheeses in the area. Their deli will not fail to please in some way, I'll wager. Store has lots of gourmet goodies.

      Nipomo's Tefft St is not a fruit stand area...( there IS a good seasonal berry stand at the corner of Division and Orchard)...but for the freshest in local veggies, hit any of the certified Farmer's Markets in the area. One every day of the week, somewhere. Morro Bay (Thurs) and Baywood (Monday) and the SLO (Sat A.M.) are classic local veg and cheeses, meats, baked goods, seafoods, olive oils, etc. without the hubbub of the SLO Thurs nite affair, which has the widest offerings but can be sooooo crowded.

      Linn's Gourmet Goods in downtown Cambria has some suppplies, but not as artisanal as the Farmer's Markets--more packaged goods, but their pies and mini pies are worth the stop.

      If you are a cookie monster, visit Red Moose Cookie Co in Cambria's "Tin Village" over the creek from Burton Dr....waaaay towards the back. Try the Cinnfull.