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Oct 6, 2011 11:47 AM

Turkey time

Wondering where my fellow Montrealers are picking up their turkeys for thanksgiving from? Am new to the city so any recommendations would be appreciated. (Fresh preferably!)

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  1. Depends where you are and how much you want to pay. A lot of farmer's markets like the ones at Val David and Sainte Anne have wild turkeys and goose but it is between 4 - 8x more pricey than supermarket ones and it is probably too late to get one for this weekend anyways. Otherwise a lot of outdoor markets like Atwater and JT have fresh ones about 2 - 3x more pricey than supermarket ones. I am not a huge fan of non-wild turkey and eat turkey very rarely to begin with so I usually buy the supermarket variety. All turkey, in Canada at least, is grown cage free and fed only grains so I don't quite see the benefit of buying a domesticated turkey outside of a supermarket.

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      Fernando (106 Roy), just off of St. Laurent. Excellent!

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        +1 for Fernando's. Picking my 12 pounder up on Saturday AM and into the oven for a Sunday evening event.

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          That's not true. Some birds are fed animal by-products and there is variation with respect to antibiotic use as well. Cage free or not there is also generally a difference in the amount of exercise and age between supermarket and "organic" turkeys which affects meat quality. Finally, there are significant differences in processing as supermarket birds are pre-brined and frozen. I usually buy my turkeys from Saint-Vincent or Prince Noir in JTM.

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            Ah you are right. I just read the turkey breeders code of ethics and I apologize for the misinformation. My mistake for listening to someone tell me those things without researching on my own. Turkeys in Canada are permitted 6-8% animal by-product feed. And the required floor space for a mature turkey is only 4 sqft with beak trimming allowed. Please disregard my previous statements except where I said that the wild variety is superior.

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              Made my first turkey EVER yesterday - bought my organic turkey from St-Vincent in JTM and it was excellent!!! Expensive (about $16/kilo) but moist and delicious.

          2. I live in Verdun, so Viandal on DeL'eglise.