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Oct 6, 2011 10:17 AM


I want to make some stuffed poblano peppers tonight. Right now I have quinoa, portobello mushroom smoked, chicken sausage (aidells), shiitake, oyster mushrooms, and indian eggplant.

My first inclination was to remove the casing from the sausage, brown it and mix it with the quinoa and stuff the poblanos with that. Does that sound like it could be bland? Could I add any of the other above ingredients or other seasoning/spices to make it more dynamic?


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  1. It's going to have plenty of flavor from the Poblano itself (are you roasting the poblano first?). I would add herbs - cilantro or thyme - and S&P.

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      Yes, planning on roasting. I noticed in a lot of the online recipes for stuffed poblanos they are roasted but aren't peeled. What's up with that?

      1. re: mincinmama

        They are 'online' recipes, not authentic Mexican ones. They may variations on the European/Middle Eastern stuffed bell pepper, as opposed to the Mexican chile relleno. But then, none of your stuffing ingredients are Mexican either. :)

        1. re: paulj

          Yeah I wasn't going for authentic, I like to mix things up. Do they taste okay without removing the char? I've never had it that way.

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            Just put the peppers in a ziplock bag for a bit after you roast/grill them and the skins practically slide right off after they steam in the bag for a bit.

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          Yes, roast and peel. It really deepens the flavor. I'd use the mushrooms, too. After roasting them, you can just toss them into a pan or bowl and stick a sheet pan or a piece of foil over it to steam off the skins. I wouldn't recommend plastic bags for this; just my preference - I can taste the plastic in the food later.

      2. I made stuffed poblanos a week or so ago and didn't roast or peel them before stuffing and baking. They were just fine.

        1. A vote for roasting and peeling the poblanos; it's worth the little bit of trouble (and the steaming in a paper bag after charring the skin does make them much easier to peel).

          1. Flavor wise it should be fine, Make sure you adjust the seasoning after you mix your ingredients. My thoughts on additions is that it could use and herbal component and perhaps some acid (lime or lemon). .
            A hard saute of the mushrooms to intensify their flavors with some onion or/and garlic added towards the end of the cooking.
            I would suggest roasting the eggplant over an open flame till charred peeling and shredding, it will reenforce the smokey flavor of the sausage and lend moisture to your filling.

            1. Some cheese would be nice to bind the other filling ingredients together.

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                My thoughts too, pica, a mild queso blanco or equivalent, with any of the mushrooms and chicken sausage would work nicely, and that may be enough flavors. Definitely peel the poblanos after you roast them- you will immediately see why, and it's easy enough. Be careful not to over-roast them so they are easy enough to handle to slice, clean, and stuff, but still able to take a little more cooking after they are stuffed. A traditional relleno batter may be more than you plan to take on, but there are alternatives. An interesting variation I had recently had the roasted poblanos sliced lengthwise and the halves stuffed and lightly broiled.