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Best Leafs-wings combo (and I don't mean Detroit) east of Yonge?

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Is it Duff's, Tara Inn, Crown & Dragon, KC McFly's? Wha? I'm new to this combination.

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  1. Crown & Dragon is a good choice because they have a wide variety of options for wings, including baked, if you're not into fried. I think you can do half and half orders with different rubs or sauces. They definitely have TVs and show sporting events.

    1. Duffs is my favourite (it's not a "sports bar" per se, but it has lots of tvs), but Wild Wing would also be a good option. I tried the wings at C&D once and wasn't a big fan.

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        It doesn't have to be a sports bar. It just has to have the game and some good food. Bonus points if I can actually hear what Don Cherry is saying. For example, I used to go to Hernando's Hideaway at Yonge & Wellesley for games. Not at all a sports bar, but decent grub and they used to turn Coach's Corner up for me. I'd rather stab myself in the eye than go to a place like Hoops.

        Hernando's Hideaway
        545 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1Y5, CA

      2. We're thinking of trying The Keg at Yonge & Eglinton for one of the four(!) games this week. We're not sure if it's set-up like the Mansion with a lounge area where you can get full menu and view the game. Has anyone been to the Y&E location?

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          It's a great location - it is one of the "new" Keg layouts. It does have a large lounge area, with lots of TVs. It get very busy very quickly. I love the nachos at The Keg (*waits for flogging with a wet noodle by CHers) :) but can't say about their wings, as I never have them there.

          Lots of TVs which always have the game on

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            Thanks a bunch CocoaChanel. I'll let you know how the wings are once we've checked it out.