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Oct 6, 2011 07:24 AM

Fried Chicken with Chilli 辣子鸡丁 in Hong Kong

Hey Chowhounds,

I have a friend coming into town and he really wants Sichuan Lazi Jiding (basically a mountain or dried red chillies with some fried chicken interspersed). I have tried Chili Fagara and Da Ping Huo but no luck. Anyone have any ideas where I can find some good Lazi Jiding?

Thanks so much for the help.


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  1. Try Bistro Bamboo (Soho, near Caine Rd) or 小南國 (12/F Times Square CWB). Bistro Bamboo's 辣子鸡 is okay. The other dishes are hit or miss. 小南國's 辣子鸡 is not as good as BB, but the other dishes are better.

    1. Are you saying Chilli Fagara doesn't do it or that it oe it but it is no good? I am certain I have eaten a version of it there - they use whole chillies.

      1. There's a Sichuan restaurant on Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan) and, while many of its dishes aren't amazingly authentic, their La Zi Ji is pretty damn good - it has that smoky depth of flavour whilst also being fiery. The chicken pieces are much larger than the regular ji ding and aren't on the bone, but it makes it easier to find the among the mound of chilies! If you're heading our for a weekend hike, it's worth a try.

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          To follow up my earlier comment, I just had a fantastic Sichuan dinner last night at Sie Jie Chuan Cai in Wan Chai. It's a private kitchen run by a lady from Chongqing and they really know their stuff. Good la zi ji, great menu and friendly service, I will definitely be going back (at least once I have got rid of the taste of chilli and garlic!)

          Check out the reviews on Openrice:

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            Sounds interesting - I must give it a go. Thanks for the report.

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                In past years have had nice version of it at Shui Hu Ju in Soho (restaurant a bit overpriced and haven't been recently so not sure if its still good).


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                  Shui Hu Ju's sister restaurant Yun Fu also has it. And their outcast cousin Hu Tong in Kowloon also has it. Though Chili Fagara's version is my favorite. My two favorite Sichuan places in Hong Kong are: Chili Fagara and Golden Valley (Emperor Hotel) in Happy Valley. After that is Sie Jie for me.

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                    I thought Yun Fu and Hutong were both Aqua Group but Shui Hu Ju was Wang Workshop Group. I have a distant memory that shui hui Ju was by the same team that went on to do Hutong etc but now separate - their dim sum place in Stanley is OK (esp for Stanley). Chilli Chicken has become pretty common these days we has a reainsble version at Chong Qing in Elgin but I agree Chilli Fagara takes some beating - despite its manufactured decor - but I do like it.

          2. Arrgh---just wrote a long discourse on Lazi Ji and it failed to post, so I'm trying again, briefer this time. Anyway, hope you found a good spot in Hong Kong and I don't want to nitpick, but as someone who has lived in Chongqing (home of Lazi Ji) for many years, I wanted to differentiate between Lazi Ji (辣子鸡 chicken and chilis) and Lazi Ji Ding(辣子鸡丁 cubed chicken and chilis). Lazi Ji is said to be from 歌乐山 Gele Shan (a mountain/area in Chongqing - which was once part of Sichuan and is now it's own province-level municipality) and it's sometimes referred to as Gele Shan Lazi Ji. It is the dish you described and the one in the photograph - basically a pile of dried sichuan chilis fried with sichuan peppercorn, chunks of chicken (on the bone), garlic, ginger, etc. It's actually not as spicy as it appears, with the chilis mostly adding subtle flavor, fragrance and color. Lazi Ji Ding is a rather different dish, and mostly served in Sichuan restaurants outside of Sichuan. It's cubes of bonless chicken stir-fried with a small amount of minced fresh chilis, garlic, etc., and sometimes some 青椒 (mild peppers similiar to bell peppers but not as sweet and with a very slight spiciness) or a small amount of pickled chilis (the short, fat, round type). Although they're both tasty, Lazi Ji is, in my opinion, much more addictive and interesting.

            So, sorry to nerd-out on Sichuan stuff, but I hope some people find this helpful. Enjoy all of your chicken and chilis in whatever format!