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Oct 6, 2011 07:05 AM

SOWA Winter Farmer's Market

They just announced that they'll be continuing the SOWA Farmer's Market over the winter, from November 13 through April 29 on Sundays at 460 Harrison Ave. It'll be indoors, I think in the building where the vintage market takes place right now. The poster they put on Facebook lists "Local Produce, Live Plants, Baked Goods, Herbs, Free Range Meats, Cheese, Organic Coffee, Cut Flowers, and much more". It doesn't say whether the food trucks will be there, but on Facebook they said they'll have a rotating group of food trucks as well.

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    1. Hmmmmmm, so my new Sunday routine can be: gym, farmer's market, brunch at home, cleaning and laundry rest of the day with breaks for Pats game...............