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Oct 6, 2011 06:59 AM

Licki Licki

So we went over to the food court at the Hong Kong Supermarket/Super 88 in Allston last night, and I checked out the new Licki Licki dessert stand (BTW, it's Licki Licki, not Lickie Lickie). I got a magic cube, which was basically a chocolate-covered square with cream and cherries inside. It was very tasty, though a bit expensive at a shade under $4.00. The woman behind the counter couldn't have been nicer, and seemed genuinely happy that we were interested in her place.

Has anyone else tried anything there yet?

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  1. it's a cube??

    I was curious when I saw the sign for Licki Licki during my last jaunt to HK supermarket ...

    I guess I shall actually try something next time. I thought it was going to be like Yo Berry.

    1. I tried some cake samples there a few weeks ago. The samples were tasty but I didn't buy any of the little cakes.

      The women who work there are all really nice, sweet and enthusiastic.

      I was intrigued by the frozen yogurt flavors and would have tried some but I didn't think they would make it home intact.

      1. Insert gratuitous inappropriate comment about the name HERE:

        _______________________________________________________________ .

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          Honestly, I just can't get past the name. It sounds like a 12-year-old trying to talk dirty.

          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            One of my Facebook fans asked me, did I likey likey licki licki. :-b It appears that endless fun might come out of this name.