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Oct 6, 2011 05:54 AM

Lititz Chocolate Walk

The Lititz Chocolate Walk is this Saturday and I'm excited, but nervous that it might be a bit overwhelming. Has anyone done it before? Can you advise about whether I should bring storage containers for the items, ice packs, etc? I have googled around and haven't found much information about the details of the walk. We'll be coming from over an hour away and want to be able to take full advantage of all that will be offered without feeling completely sick to our stomachs on the ride home.

Any other fun food-related things, i.e. stores, restaurants, etc. that we should be sure to check out in the area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't give you any information on the walk, but I did take my father to the Wilbur Chocolate factory this past spring. It's a wonderful museum filed with a lot of history. There is a small section where you can watch the ladies make some of the chocolate confections. They offer free samples and all of their chocolate is for sale. Allow a good 30-45 minutes to enjoy the museum.

    I would certainly bring a cooler or two for your chocolate. I don't know how much chocolate you want to purchase, but a medium sized cooler should be more than enough. If you are going to use ice, bring along several plastic containers to store the chocolate. Considering that the weather isn't too hot, you might be able to get away without using any ice at all.

    Enjoy the walk.

    Wilbur Chocolate Factory:

    2011 Lititz Chocolate Walk Info:

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      Obviously Cafe Chocolate (which is one of the stops on the walk) The cuisine is intersting and innovative for the area with a good number of vegan offerings. The frozen hot chocolate is delectabe. My only worry would be that it will probably be jammmed, as it is not a large space.

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      1. Just got back from the Chocolate Walk a few hours ago. It took us a bit longer to get there, and we left a bit late, so we weren't able to hit every stop before having to head home. But, overall it was very fun, and the weather was wonderful which made walking around quite enjoyable. To answer my own original question, I would recommend that anyone planning on attending this event in the future should bring at least one large tupperware container, and an ice pack, if possible. I would also recommend that unless you have a stomach of steel or an incredibly large appetite, you eat only those desserts which "must" be eaten right away (i.e. the hot and cold items) while on the tour, and package the rest up to take home. There is a lot of great stuff but I could see how after about the fifth or sixth sample one could have a belly ache and potentially want to call it a day, therefore missing the other 25+ samples to be had. If you pack up those less fragile items you can enjoy delicious chocolate samples for days to come.

        Hope to go again next year!

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          I think for an event like this, it is imperative that you put things away on ice. Way too much chocolate to attempt to eat in any one day.

          Exactly how does it work though? You purchase tickets/wrist band in advance and this allows you to enter each building and sample their goodies? Sounds like a wonderful event for a chocolate fan. Glad you had fun and a wonderful day. Lititz is a neat little hamlet. It has a real americana feel to it.

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            Basically you purchase a ticket ahead of time (the event usually sells out so it is best to purchase several weeks in advance) and with that ticket comes a card and a button. The card allows you a single entry into each of the 30+ locations and I guess the button is just a simple way to identify you to merchants. When you get to the location someone will check off that you've been there and then you go to collect your treat. So, essentially, you can't choose to sacrifice going to one location and in return go to another more than once--unless you get yours hands on another card you can only go to place a single time. We didn't get to every location but we got to at least 20. We did notice that at least one location had run out of treats by about 3:15pm, which was a shame given that a specific number of tickets are sold so a location should plan to have at least something available for everyone who purchased a ticket. At some places you got to choose from a variety of items and at others there was a single option. A few places had options that had to be eaten right away--i.e. chocolate fudge on top of ice cream, a drink, or a hot panini--but many options were easy to store and take home.

            I would highly recommend checking it out next year!