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Oct 6, 2011 05:46 AM

California spiny lobster season has opened!

California spiny lobster season has now begun. Word has it that that high demand from Asian buyers will cause spiny lobster prices to go through the roof . . . . . . Any known price reports yet?

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  1. Saw this one:

    These are trapped off of Catalina and kept alive in tanks in San Diego and shipped from there. $25.99 per pound.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Just for fun I checked with Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach and they have 2 pound (approx) California spiny lobsters for $32.99 per lb.

      ADD: Pearson's Port in Newport Beach has 6 left in the market as I type this but they are fishing for them today/tonight and should have more tomorrow. They are going for $24.99 per lb. and average size is about 1 and a third pounds with the price for that size running about $33.

      Quality Seafood
      130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA

      Pearson's Port
      300 E Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA

      1. re: Servorg

        I checked my notes from last year and at the beginning of the season the Quality Seafood price was $34+ and the Pearson's $10 or more cheaper. So....though pricey - does not seem like an increase. Will be using my birthday money to treat myself to some in the next few days. My favorite seafood.

        Quality Seafood
        130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA

        1. re: torty

          What's so special about a spiny lobster that you can't get with a Maine lobster?

          1. re: hobbess

            The lively spiny lobster's sweet muscular tail meat seems to be more abundant than that of a Maine’s of similar size (even though the Maine has a claw, it's claw meat is textured differently than the preferred tail).

            Most of the Maine lobsters available seem to be lethargical, weary, and unhappily starved after many days of sitting without food in their turbid holding tanks, especially after their long journey from New England. . . I will, however take any lobby anyway I can get it, but the one that’s freshly caught and flipping vigorously seems to be best.

            These reported prices are outrages, but none the less, I too will be saving my birthday money for my annual treat!

            1. re: foodiemahoodie

              To me the taste is less refined but much more meaty than a Maine one and I always get quite of meat picked out of the carcass and legs. These things are strong and flipping sea water all over you as you bend over to check them out. Will keep an eye on Quality's prices and report back

              1. re: torty

                Just to note – It’s a known fact that crustaceans, when hungry or starved, will consume their own muscle from within. Perhaps this is one of a few reasons of meat shrinkage when purchasing idle lobsters that are held too long in their holding tanks.

                1. re: jbermo

                  So at the places that sell spiny lobster, they're still alive and in a holding tank?

                  Because wouldn't a live maine lobster that's being held in a holding tank still be better than a local spiny lobster that's already dead?

                  1. re: hobbess

                    Only buy live, and that’s my point.....The local spinys are best bought freshly caught and flipping lively. The imported Maine lobbys usually have been sitting around awhile, consuming themselves from within....

                    Their differences are reflected in both the taste and texture of their meat - freshly caught being best.

                    Steam or boil lobbys live for 13 minutes, then split em in half, butter/oil the split sides and bbq split side down til everything but the shell (ground lobster shells makes for great mineral compost for the garden).

        2. re: Servorg

          sorry to somewhat take over the thread, but any luck with the corned beef hash this weekend?

          1. re: kevin

            Ha...I was there at 7 AM on Saturday for the opening bell and no CBH available. I consoled myself with the sausage gravy over a biscuit with sausage patty's, fried potatoes with green peppers and onions and two eggs over easy. $15 and change plus tip. (and this question and answer were/are all about Pann's for those who may have been lost in the very abrupt segue by kevin).

            1. re: Servorg

              Yes, sorry all, for the rude segueway.

      2. It has been a few years, but we used to dive San Nicholas Is for lobsters. 5 lb was a usual size and 1 or 2 10 pounders on the boat per trip was not uncommon.
        And a 10 lb lobster tastes just as good as a 1 lb chicken!

        1. The Daily Breeze reported on September 29th that Fish & Game arrested poachers at the Redondo Beach jetty and recovered 145 lobsters in a single night of patrol. They are being vigilant. I better not wait too long into the season!

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          1. re: torty

            Hm. Never thought the local lobsters tasted better than East Coast lobster. In fact I've been told that the colder the water, the sweeter the meat. I've never done a head to head comparison, but the spiny seems firmer, but less sweet. I've had the big Aussie tails too - and after a few disappointing experiences, probably won't ever have them again.

            BTW - was just in El Monte last week at the Shun Phat Superstore and bought live (east coast - Main/Boston) lobster for $8.99 a pound.