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Oct 6, 2011 05:09 AM

Brooklyn - Dinner Recs.

My partner and I are visiting NYC for Thanksgiving. We have never eaten in Brooklyn and would like to take a night , select an area, pick a place for drinks before and after dinner. We like most cuisine except Indian. We are big on seafood, French, Italian. No set price range.

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  1. Do you have any particular area of Brooklyn that you're interested in visiting? You probably already know this, but it's a very large borough - some more specifics in terms of location / price / general atmosphere you're looking for will be likely to yield much more helpful suggestions.

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    1. re: ANin

      Yes, we know it is big. We like farm to table places, organic, and trendy places. Price is not an issue. Other places we like in Manhattan are ABC Kitchen, Locanda Verde, Aleda, Scarpetta, etc.

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        Roberta's is worth investigating - its VERY brooklyn (current brooklyn, not old brooklyn) and, in addition to serving some pretty delicious pizza has an excellent non-pizza menu - see the posts on this board about the hard-to-reserve two-day-a-week tasting menu (we've never done this but have had lots of luck mixing up kitchen dishes with pizzas/calzones).

        No reservations, hipster factor incredibly high (median age is probably rarely above 33), decor reminiscent of a that 70s show set, recent accolades from NYT and Michelin and Food&Wine make it even trendier than ever.

        Its not everyones favorite but we love it - on our last visit the octopus with black garlic, watermelon and sea beans was outstanding, ive also really enjoyed the tripe served with house-baked bread, and a number of other dishes.

        261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

    2. Since you haven't been, I think I'd try a walk down Smith Street (Brooklyn's Restaurant Row). It has many good food options and tons of bars. Walk from one end to the other (about 8 blocks) and look at the menus in the windows. Or, just Google "Smith Street Brooklyn Restaurants" and see the choices and a map. I'm sure you'll find what pleases you.

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          I love Roberta's and would recommend Vinegar Hill House to almost anyone but, if you're not from here and want to make an evening of it, Smith Street is the place to go. Haven't been for a couple years, but preferred Saul over Grocery...

          140 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          The Grocery
          288 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

          Vinegar Hill House
          72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. Okay, I'll hijack this thread: I visit friends in Brooklyn at least twice a year, and one of them lives on Smith St., so I know about most of the standards. So: what's new, cool, and unexpected? Cheap is good; I'm unlikely to go fancy on this trip, but I might, next time I come back. Near Carroll Gardens is a plus, but I'm willing to travel. What's the news?

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        1. re: kagi

          Not sure when the last time was you were on Smith street... but you may want to check out Colonie on Atlantic. Not cheap, but very good.

          And there's a brand new pizza place on Atlantic just east of Smith (like 30 ft east) called Sottocasa which makes a mighty respectable Neapolitan style Pie.

          127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          Sottocasa Pizzeria
          298 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          1. re: kagi

            Van horn sandwich shop is really good - just a simple menu of 5 or 6 sandwiches, some sides/salads and thats it. get the fried chicken sandwich, its great. nice patio/beer selection depending on the weather during your next visit.

            Van Horn Sandwich Shop
            231 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          2. Definitely give The St. Austere in Williamsburg a try! Amazing European wines and beers with food that's to die for! If your going with friends you can get a few of the small plates and share - it's AWEOMEEEE! :) An be sure to try the polenta - its the best I've EVER had.

            For a new restaurant in a fun area - it seems they got everything right. I can't say it enough.

            The St. Austere
            613 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

            1. I'd recommend fatty 'cue in williamsburg (modern southeast asian).

              you might also want to check out al di là in park slope, buttermilk channel in carroll gardens, and diner or marlow & sons in williamsburg.

              obviously if you can get a reservation at the chef's table at brooklyn fare, that's the holy grail.

              Al Di La
              248 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

              Marlow & Sons
              81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              85 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              Buttermilk Channel
              524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

              Brooklyn Fare
              200 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              Fatty 'Cue
              91 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211