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Oct 6, 2011 05:07 AM

Lobster Food Truck in Cambridge

Anyone been yet? I walked by it last weekend and it seemed to be doing a brisk business. But I was really turned off by the name- Lobsta Love- and kept going. Seems they have lobster rolls, slider, chowder and lobster mac and cheese.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I noticed it last week as I was walking towards the Square intent on a late-lunch slice at Otto's. I decided to put the slice on hold and try the lobster. They had three sizes of lobster roll: a "bite" ($2.50: miniscule, about the size of a golf ball), a slider ($6 or 7: small roll) and a regular roll (maybe $15?). I'm pretty sure all the rolls were Iggy's brioche rolls, though I could be wrong; in any case they're pretty good - not too sweet or heavy. I ordered a "bite" but somehow the order got confused between the owner outside and the guy working in the truck and I received a slider (for the bite price, so I wasn't complaining).

      It's quite good! REALLY tender meat, very lightly dressed with lemon mayo (they also have a vaguely asian version which I didn't try) - though in truth I didn't really detect any lemon flavor. The one problem was that it was oversalted - maybe from an overenthusiastic shake of celery salt on top. It's certainly not a heaping helping but the price seemed reasonable given the quality. I'd definitely go again if I had a craving but not a huge appetite.

      The owner (who also co-owns the Grilled Cheese Nation truck) said that Harvard is trying to get more trucks into that spot; I hope it happens. It was located in front of the Science Center at Harvard, right near Memorial Hall. Not sure if that's permanent or if they'll be moving around.

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        Thanks! That is where I saw it, too. And Kickass Cupcakes had a truck there at the same time. I think I saw the owner so maybe we were crossing paths. In any event, I'll give it a shot. I am there all the time so it is very convenient.

        Kickass Cupcakes
        378 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

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          Also sometimes Lefty's Silver Cart and often the Dining Car, which I've never been to.

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            I talked to the owner last week (I'd just eaten at Clover, so didn't try it) and he said he wasn't sure what days they'd be there yet but it sounded like it would be mostly evenings, including past midnight potentially if they could keep busy.

          2. Switch the lobster truck for the grilled cheese truck in Copley. Their grilled cheese tastes of burnt vegetable oil.

            1. Here's a really nice list for the schedule of all of the food trucks for that location outside the Science Center, including "Lobster Love" as they call it.


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                And....a follow up. This schedule looks impressive but does not seem to be correct. A few of us decided to meet there today (10/9) to check out the trucks listed on today's schedule. Not one food truck was there at lunch time. We went elsewhere and on the way back, two hours later, the same food trucks. So, this schedule I posted is clearly not very reliable. Still waiting to try Lobsta Love.