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Where can I buy coconut sugar in Toronto?

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Ideally, downtown...thanks!

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  1. Health food stores are your best bet. I've seen it at Noah's and Whole Foods.


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      I saw some at the Homesense at Yonge and Queen the other day. I have also bought it at Vital Planet at Jarvis and The Esplanade.

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        I also saw it at Essence of Life in Kensington Market over the weekend.

      2. Qi Herbs and Nutrition or Karma Co-Op. I think I've also seen it at Fiesta Farms but I'm not certain.

        Fiesta Farms
        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

        1. It might not actually be labelled as coconut "sugar"; could be called coconut sweetener and is made from the sap of coconut palm tree blossoms. I've bought this brand http://www.ecoideas.ca/product_health... at a natural foods store in Ontario.

          1. I bought some at Pusateri's a few months ago

            1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA