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For Steak: Craftsteak, Delmonico's or Stripsteak?

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My wife and I will be in Vega$ this weekend and want to have a steak dinner on Saturday. Sunday we have an early dinner at Otto, which is the reason Carnevino isn't on my short list (I know they're different, but there's substantial non-steak menu overlap, and we don't want an all-Batali weekend). We're from L.A., so we're not really interested in Cut because we have one here.

Last time in Vegas (Feb. 2009) we really enjoyed Craftsteak, and we're fans of Craft here in L.A., so that's a contender. Stripsteak seems to get mixed comments but I'm also a french fry fiend, and I read that they have duck fat fries (if there are other places with duck fat fries, do tell). Delmonico's is on the list because (1) it seems popular, (2) we've never been to an Emeril establishment and (3) we're staying at the Palazzo, so there's the convenience factor.

My steak of choice is usually a NY (bone-in if available, which to some people means it's a Kansas City), though I sometimes get a porterhouse or rib-eye. Desserts are important to my wife (though she doesn't like desserts with fruit, bring on the chocolate).

So, while the meat is important, it's not the only consideration. Service and atmosphere matters; we're in our 40s and would like to be able to hear each other (e.g., sounds like N9NE is NOT for us). We appreciate seamless, unobtrusive professional service. A well-executed cocktail and a wine list that doesn't make you feel violated are welcome pluses.

3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. My thoughts (47 year young man so know the feeling): Avoid Delmonicos. It is loved by many on this board but as a purest I find their steaks ok (why does it HAVE to be coated with Emeril's essence?), I find the room boring and it has been too inconsistant (been 3 times) for me to return.

    Why go to Craft if you can do that at home?

    Try a new experience, SW (I like, not love. When they finally cooked my steak correctly it was really very good. Good vibe, on the cusp of us 40ish ones but did not fell "old" at all, nice atmosphere but like most, very expensive), Steak House in Circus Circus (yes Circus Circus. Old world feel, excellent steaks, friendly corkage policy which is ALWAYS a + in my book), Prime in Bellagio (again expensive but gr8 service, gr8 steaks, BEAUTIFUL room), and if you want to go REALLY old school, try the Golden Steer (I mean REALLY OLD SCHOOL, not up to the quality of other but certainly not bad. Very good steaks.). And if you want budget go to Charlie Palmer's in The Four Seasons. Regular menu is expensive (worth it IMHO) and quality is top 5. But they have The Cut of the Week menu is $48pp, 3 courses and all the wine you can drink. It's not Harlan or Petrus but for the money there is not a place that can compete.

    Steak House
    2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Golden Steer
    308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

    3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

    3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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      I have given serious thought to Golden Steer because I heartily endorse old school vibe and the history factor, but was a bit concerned about whether the food still holds up based on some of what I've read. I appreciate your comments and it's still in the running, I guess.

      Come to think of it, I've been to Charlie Palmer's. That was several years ago (2003, IIRC). I remember enjoying it; definitely had a nice, sedate steakhouse vibe. That Cut of the Week sounds like a good deal for sure. I had sort of forgotten about it.

      I've also read good things about the Circus Circus place, but I fear the look on my wife's face when I tell her she has to walk through there (she has a serious clown phobia...)

      Craftsteak: different enough from Craft L.A., plus we liked it last time (bonus was looking at the prices at Joel Robuchon afterward and feeling like we just had a bargain dinner!)

      I'll look into Prime and SW.

      Golden Steer
      308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

      1. re: Jack Flash

        In sort of a perverse way part lure of The Steak House is the walk from the entrance to the restaurant. "How in the world would you consider taking me here" reaction is one that all 9 of my friends were saying to me as we tried not to touch the walls as we walked through the Circus Circus. Believe me, was well worth it and it combines a bit of "old world" and the quality stands up to most places on the strip. What it does lack in is choice. You basically are limited to steak and sides.

        Steak House
        2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      2. re: LVI

        Thanks to all. We wound up at Charlie Palmer's on Saturday and had an excellent dinner. We ordered off the regular menu (dry aged bone-in NY for me, wet-aged boneless NY for her, plus a shrimp cocktail & a couple of side veggies and dessert), although the Cut of the Week deal was awfully tempting.

      3. I'm a french fry fiend and although the duck fat fries are good at Stripsteak, I would not use them as a basis for choosing to go there. I don't dislike Stripsteak but it's not my first choice. They do usually have certs available on restaurant.com though.

        If you base your choice solely on the fries, I would pick Craftsteak followed closely by Cut.

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        1. re: zippyh

          Thanks for the advice.

        2. I've only been to Delmonico's once (last time I went) but we chose that because our group wanted to bring in our own wine without limits (we brought two mags). We will go back partially for that reason but also because we found it to be good. Been to Prime a bunch of times. The service seemed to get a bit worse each year. Though they make one hell of a martini! We've been to Stripsteak a couple of times and liked it, too. The only reason we quit going was the corkage policy.

          Hope that helps...

          1. Glad you had a great time at C Palmers, good choice. Very glad you did not try Delmonico's. Only restaurant in my LIFE, l did not leave a tip. Not one thing worked. Dinner wine came with dessert, did not accept, meat was cooked three times, either too rare or too cooked, all l wanted was medium rare. They were totally clueless on just about everything, it was a total nightmare.

            1. If you are a real dry aged steak lover, Carnevino has the best in town. I was not to fond of the sides or apps, but they dry age minimum 60 days and it is sublime.