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Oct 5, 2011 09:05 PM

New: Rock Candy Snack Shop (Bernal Heights), SF

Anyone been to the new candy shop: Rock Candy Snack Shop. Two reviews on Yelp. Sounds like they carry some unusual candies there.

Rock Candy Snack Shop
521 Cortland
(between Andover St & Moultrie St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
(415) 948-7497

Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am - 7 pm; Sun 11 am - 6 pm

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  1. Owner is super nice, but I just chatted with her as she was opening the place up. She didn't have much stock at that time, but I need to stop back in. Hmmm Halloween could be interesting this year...