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making rice krispie treats with other cereal?

i got a great idea on my other thread re: vegan cookies to make rice krispie treats instead for a kids party. i mainly need to stay away from eggs, dairy and nuts to satisfy some of the kids who have food allergies.

has anyone made them with cheerios or any other cereal aside from rice krispies? any great or terrible results?

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  1. I don't know if they contain eggs, dairy or nuts, but I've made them with corn flakes, and they turned out well.

    1. Bars made with puffed wheat and cocoa powder are well known in Canada.


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        I was going to suggest those.. love them even more that Rice Krispie Treats, and they're easier on the roof of your mouth!

      2. I've rice crispy bars, the name notwithstanding, Made with Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, or on the healthier side Special K. Whenever I make rice crispy bars I usually make them with 1/2 Rice Crispies and 1/2 Fruity Pebbles or Coco Crispies (actually, I use the generics of those cereals).

        1. Cap N Crunch
          Golden Grahams
          Cinnamon Toast Crunch

          ... all work great.

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            ipse - the Cap'n WITH the Crunchberries perhaps?

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                WHAT?! ALL BERRIES?? holy cow. where have i've been?

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                  whoa it's a good thing they didn't have this way back when I (hey I WAS a reprobate, but an A- reprobate in AP classes) used to indulge in a certain, ummm, appetite inducing unmentionable. we'd just hang out at friends houses after school and manually pick them out. (was always good for a mean laugh later knowing our classmate would find a berry-less box the next time)

                  and sorry the Sugawara reference went over my head, surely not the 9thc. Japanese diplomat or this Spring's tough tsunami captain - both male, but I will add for the latter - lotsa Crunch in THAT Cap'n.

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                    and sorry the Sugawara reference went over my head, surely not the 9thc. Japanese diplomat or this Spring's tough tsunami captain - both male, but I will add for the latter - lotsa Crunch in THAT Cap'n.


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                      holy Mary Mother of $%$!

                      watch out Boo-berries, 'cause I'm filing suit tomorrow.

                      and thanks ipse for confirming my faith in devolution.

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                I don't know if the roof of my mouth could handle a "Cap'n Crunch" bar/treat.

              3. If you want to really get adventurous, try using chow mein noodles.
                I'm a convert. These are so good ... and less sugar too (somewhat less). The recipe here is for Easter nests, but I'm sure you can make them into many other shapes too. Or, go the traditional route ... make a sheet and then score them into squares -- that might work too. Up to you. HTH.

                Recipe --> http://www.quick-and-easy-dinner.com/...

                These noodles ... will give you THESE if you follow the recipe : - )

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                  on a similar note for some reason I got assigned Chex Mix last year for pre-dinner nibbles for the family, I guess they thought "how can he muck this up?" - I showed them, I substituted Japanese rice crackers, kasugai and shelled pistachios with soy and sesame oil instead of worcestershire and butter (ok only a little sesame oil and still some rendered butter and some chex). but HA! my aunt who is scared of anything not found on an Applebee's menu is now hooked.

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                    Holy cow! I am so stealing that idea! What's kasugai?

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                      kasugai = wasabi spiced roasted peas, I see them in mild and hot versions. crunchy and green addictive goodness. (I like the spicy, but YMMV)

                      steal away, spread it across the land. adapt and claim it as your own, just remember me in your heart of hearts.

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                        Throw in some Kaki no Tane in there too and make it colorful.

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                          oooh (I'll say it twice - oooh), will look for that. I always go kinda 'deer-in-headlights' when in a store that has this stuff.

                  2. i know i already posted in the other thread, but...
                    concur with cap'n crunch, grahams, and cinnamon toast crunch.
                    apple jacks (can cut with plain cheerios if desired)
                    trix (cut with another less sweet cereal)
                    cracklin' oat bran

                    1. Yes to Cheerios, plus I add about 1/2 c of crunchy peanut butter for a better flavor.

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                        mmmm...i'm all for peanut butter but i'm making this for a 3 yr old party and quite a few of them have the stupid peanut allergy including my own. why do so many kids have this allergy? well, that's for another thread. maybe i can do it with sun butter...

                      2. Cocoa Krispies
                        Brown Puffed Rice
                        Raisin Bran
                        Rice Chex

                        1. How about Golden Grahams cereal and chocolate chips so they come out like Smores?

                          1. Keep All-Bran in mind for the older folks.