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Oct 5, 2011 07:52 PM

Pubbelly Sushi

Has anybody tried it yet??

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  1. Yes. It is about as good as pubbelly. My favorites were the things dipped in/served with clarified butter - go figure.

    Yardbird is good too.

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      Went tonight. We waited about 20 minutes to be seated, but once we were everything was great!

      The atmosphere is fun, the service was good, and most importantly the food was great!

    2. Pub-belly is over-rated and overpriced for what you get. We had the pork and some sushi dishes. Sushi was better than their regular entrees, but not by much. Their entrees tend to a fusion of this or that, which usually means a fusion of nothing. Good food can stand on its own without mixing ingredients into a mess that impresses no one except its own chef or creator. Pubbelly tries hard but it misses the mark with over sauced dishes better suited for the palates of twenty-something year old Yelp posters. Go to a good Sushi house (Naoe, Nobu, etc.) for sushi, or a good Pub (Tobacco Rd, Flanagan, Gordon Beirsch) for pub food, or a good Asian restaurant (if you can find one in SoFlo) and skip Pubbelly's fusion pretenses. Your pocketbook will be wiser for it!

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        (1) Gordon Biersch is not good pub food; Tobacco Road and Flanigan's really aren't that great either.

        (2) Your pocketbook will never be wiser (unless you mean "poorer but wiser") after a visit to Nobu.

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          Some patrons say they're good and some say they aren't, not that it matters, at least they don't claim to be Japanese too.

          Pocketbook richer and wiser for not wasting at PBs.