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Oct 5, 2011 07:48 PM

What to make for a Romantic Halloween dinner for two?

My boyfriend and I usually spend Halloween with our friends either going to haunted houses or having a party.But this year he was relocated with his job to another state so we don't know anyone here yet.I was thinking of doing a special dinner for him on Halloween.But try and making it Romantic.I never thought to do this for Halloween before but I thought "hey why not?how hard could it be?"so hopefully you can help me find something romantic to make for him.I was thinking of doing a dinner and desert and maybe a special drink.We're both open to eating pretty much anything.So what do you guys think I should do?And what do you think of making a romantic Halloween dinner?I also thought we would watch some classic Halloween movies after dinner.Any suggestions for movies would be greatly appreciated also.Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Slimpup, I know you said you're both easygoing with menu choices, but what would you say is the BF's favorite meal? :)

    1. For dessert- booberries and scream lol

      1. American classic entree like spaghetti while watching Exorcist then be Marilyn Monroe and serve cherry pie with a huge chef's knife for dessert! With a side of rope ha ha.

        1. Pumpkin Soup served in baby pumpkins
          Bloody Eyeballs... meatballs dipped fondue style in tomato sauce that you feed each other
          Dessert... Pumpkin Fondue with Angel food cake, grahams, etc that you feed each other...

          sounds fun to me :) ....sorry you're away from friends this year.

          1. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, it seems like the perfect time of year to try some brraaaiiinnsss...(sorry, couldn't help it). :) But in all seriousness, my first thought was a nice, "bloody" steak, and a pumpkin creme brûlée. And maybe creamed spinach that's creatively plated to look like a swamp monster. Good luck...I'm curious to see what you come up with.