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Oct 5, 2011 05:45 PM

foie gras like at Chez Dumonet

I have an upcoming trip to Paris, and am planning to rent an apartment, as I love to go shopping in the markets and local stores for foodstuffs I can't get at home in the States. On my last trip to Paris, I had the most amazing foie gras terrine at Chez Dumonet. Is it possible to buy a slice of terrine of similar quality, at about the same size (an inch or so thick) for home consumption? I have been to the big food halls like Galeries Lafayette, etc., but am always a little confused about what to order (several terrines look similar), and they are not as delicious. I also can't spend a fortune, and would settle for something of very good quality.
Thanks for any tips.

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  1. I agree it can be confusing. Assuming it is real foie gras rather than a terrine with a little foie i find often the best way is to buy is in the vacumn packed bags in the chiller sections of stores like Bon Marche. The quality is good and you can select a piece that suits your budget. I would avoid the product in jars though.

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      Funny, l find the mi-cuit ( partially cooked )canard foie gras entier jars from a good source are very dependable. This may sound stupid, but when looking at a slice in plastic it should look like a slice of liver not homogeneous stuff. Some brands may be undersalted or too salty for you, but you will learn very quickly what you want. Currently looking at a jar of mi-cuit duck foie entier in my fridge that is 180 gm net weight. Cost between 20-30 Euros.

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        I have had excellent foie gras from vacuum pack and from jar. I see no difference in quality. The only format I tend to avoid is canned foie gras.

        I get my foie gras either directly from the farms in the southwest, or from the marchés de producteurs which are held about half a dozen times a year in Paris. You can find the dates of these markets by inputting Paris markets in the search box on top right of this page.

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          ...and I can tell you that the canned foie gras I've purchased from Dubernet is excellent quality. Personally, I prefer to buy raw and prepare my own, but that's not always possible. Dubernet's is really good. ;)

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            You are right. I have had good canned foie gras, but feel more sure of the freshness of jarred fois gras. So I never get it canned. But recently I was offered a can, from Dubernet, where else?, and it was indeed great.

            1. re: Parigi

              So what did you all have from Dubernet? I've just looked at their blog, and they seem to have it all--blocs, pates, foie entier, mi-cuit, frais mi-cuit...I won't attempt to cook anything.

              1. re: Parigi

                The Dubernet store on rue Augereau, in the 7th, across from Cafe Constant, has a great collection and the staff is helpful with advice re carry-on etc.

              2. re: ChefJune


                Can you tell me the brand of canned foie gras you get from Dubernet?

                  1. re: PhilD

                    I guess what I meant was which one did ChefJune get. There are several different ones on the website and my French is not very good I guess the staff can help me at the store

                    1. re: tatuaje68

                      I am not sure which distinction you mean either. Could you copy the words for us?
                      Any way, what you want is bloc de foie gras, not pâté de foie gras.

                  2. re: tatuaje68

                    yes, it's all Dubernet. I buy the bloc of foie gras in the can (for bringing back to US) I've also purchased the tiny cans of pate. They're perfect for two people for a snack with crackerrs or toasts.

                    1. re: ChefJune

                      Thanks CJ

                      I leave tomorrow morning for Barcelona and San Sebastian and will be in Paris at the end of the month

                      I want to say thank you to all the CH people. You have been a tremendous help to me.

                      I will write a trip report when I get back

          2. Isn't there a small shop on the Ile St. Louis? I can't recall the name but it would be hard to miss. Direct from the farm. They even give you a sample & a taste of wine from the region.
            And they speak perfect english. We brought some home and it was wonderful on toasted bread & seared served with preserves.