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Oct 5, 2011 05:15 PM

Wonderful new French bakery near South Asheville, Old World bakery, fletcher,NC

I highly recommend the Old World Bakery in Fletcher, down near south asheville.. it is right off the main street on St.Johns Place.. It is an authentic French bakery owned by a French family. And everything is fresh and top quality. Wonderful Brioche, tarts, bread pudding, mini cakes, etc. It is so good and needs people to know it is there. LOVE it. Debra reece simons

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  1. Do you know what their hours are, Debra?

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    1. re: Leepa call ahead for their hours because I think they are closed on sunday, monday, and close around 4:30 pm which is a change from 6pm.. thanks for the link that is the right one for sure

      1. Old World Bakery has moved to a more convenient location on 640 Merrimon Ave in North Asheville. The hours are from 7:30am to about 5pm. Check us out on Facebook as well. Thanks!

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        1. Had a lovely cheddar jalepeno bagel from Old World yesterday. Quite tasty. I'll be back :)

          1. They moved to North Asheville. I ordered a "custom" birthday cake for 12 persons, for my 5 year old daughter's birthday. $22 got me a 6 inch diameter "cake" with chocolate frosting and a near same color "decoration" which was so blurry it could not be read. The customers in the shop were shocked, I was angry and the "chef" was no where to be found/ With only 1 hour before the party, I stopped at Earth Fare and got cup cakes. NEVER EVER buy a cake from this place.
            I posted a picture of the so called cake on another web cite.

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              Were you really expecting it to be a birthday cake kind of bakery?

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                They feature custom birthday cakes per their website.


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                  That's great, but if I were buying a birthday cake for a 5 year old I wouldn't buy it there. Now I do go there for pastries, breads, etc. To each their own, however.