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Apr 20, 2006 12:39 PM

Lithuanian Food anywhere in LA?

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anywhere in LA to get Lithuanian food? Kugelis, koldunai, desra, kopustai, etc. Thanks.

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  1. I seem to remember that Cafe Montana in SM has Lithuanian liver dumplings.

    1. Here's one from an earlier post - Cafe Montana in Santa Monica


      1. Also, just so you know for the future, the Lithuanian Festival takes place annually sometime in October in Los Feliz (at a church there). Once I get the notice, I will post about it. They have various food items as well as Krupnikas (sp?). YUM!

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          Thanks JBC - St. Casimir's is where the Lithuanian Festival is held.

        2. As dissimilar as they are, there are a few Polish restaurants, in case you can't find exactly what you want.

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            Local Lithuanian

            Your prayers can be answered at St. Casimir's Catholic Church (at 2718 St George St, Los Angeles 90027). This is probably the only place in LA besides the Lithuanian-owned Cafe Montana (but only have koldunai on their menu) that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

            That is the local Lithuanian community center. On Saturdays there is a Lithuanian school that has been running for over 50 years and at around noon they usually sell some type of homemade Lithuanian food to the students, parents and whoever else is hungry, in the downstairs part of the parish hall. For $5 or less you get a nice plate of some great food.

            On Sundays after the 10:30am mass (which is in the Lithuanian language) they also serve homemade Lithuanian specialties, usually cepelinai or koldunai or desras/kopustai and kugelis. The menu varies from week to week and they serve whatever it is they make without special requests, but it is as authentic as you can get. Again, $5 a plate and the proceeds all go to the Lithuanian community charities. Food usually sells out though and it is one of those places where you really feel the ethnicity, but do try it sometime. You can make some nice new friends too.

            Also, as WildSwede mentioned, there is the annual Lithuanian Festival (also at St. Casimir's) on the first weekend of October. This year it will be Oct. 7th and 8th and is a full blown event with traditional food, drinks (even special beer and liquers) and entertainment. Last year Mayor Villaraigosa attended as have many other past mayors.

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              ..." it is one of those places where you really feel the ethnicity, but do try it sometime. You can make some nice new friends too..."

              Next time you go, what don't you bring some ethnic heads together, commit yourselfs into taking decisive action, and open the first L.A. Lithuanian Restaurant!

              The Bulgarians just did it, why not you?