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Oct 5, 2011 04:55 PM

What is an excellent brand of soba and sauce to buy?

Can someone enlighten me on excellent brands of dried soba and ready made soba sauce (exact name please, many seem similar) to buy at the Asian marts? Typically I go by price for quality at the Asian marts, but the difference in prices for the Japanese foodstuffs can be startling. And a lot of stuff seems to skip the English ingredient list. I'm willing to pay for quality but really have no idea if that's what I'm doing.

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  1. The less expensive buckwheet noodles might actually be from Korea. There is a popular summer Korean dish using these noodles, ideally served ice cold.

    Part of the cost difference has to do with the proportion of buckwheat flour. Not only is buckwheat flour more expensive than wheat, it is also hard to work. Some versions also have some mountain yam, which helps 'glue' the noodles. I'm not sure how that affects price.

    When looking at sauces, some are use straight, others are concentrated.

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      Thanks, that is enlightening about the amount of buckwheat. I will peer at the ingredients more closely. I'm looking for a sauce with a nice dashi kick, prob not concentrate b/c I tend to pour it right on the noodles. Unless concentrate is superior, that is.