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Oct 5, 2011 04:44 PM

Valhalla Pub-Charlotte

Has anyone been there? Opinions?

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  1. My wife and I went last Thursday and enjoyed it. It's a very casual, pub (obviously) with a scandavian twist. Its located in the old Eggheads space uptown on Brevard Court. The owner is Norwegian, and some of the dishes reflect that. My wife had salmon, served on top of sauerkraut, with a small salad and potatoes. The salmon was delicious and cooked perfectly. I had fish and chips which I thought was very good.

    The menu is an interesting mix of traditional pub fare and, as I said, Norwegian influenced dishes. It's a small place, typically pub-like; lots of dark wood, a small bar, a few tvs and some Viking swords, axes and helmets for decorations. One thing I really liked is the fact the both the prices and portion sizes are smaller than most restaurants these days. Our tab for 2 entrees, a beer and a glass of wine was $32, pre tip. So many restaurant portions are so large these days, and I know taking it home is an option, but sometimes I either don't want to or simply lack the willpower to stop eating, so it's nice to go somewhere that doesn't pile it on so much. Others may not think that's such a selling point.

    Anyway, we had a positive experience and will return.