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Oct 5, 2011 04:20 PM

Just the two of us... but in my heart I always want to cook for a crowd

Honestly, I must have been a farmwife or a medieval innkeeper in a former life. I get excited at multi-packs of ribs or chicken; Costco bulk packages make me swoon. My main crockpot is only 4 quarts but is too big most times. Holiday cookies recipes that make 20 dozen, make me faint with joy. Sure there's the holidays...but they're here and then gone.

I'm actually quite good at trimming down recipes, buying proper amounts, storing and managing our food so there's very little waste, but sometimes I wistfully imagine serving out bowls and bowls of minestrone, second and third helpings of pulled pork, and loaf after loaf of country breads.

For the record, I have plenty of smaller cookware that serves us beautifully: 11" electric frypan, Rival Little Dipper 2-cup crockpot, small microwave and electric steamers, small countertop convection oven. But no one I know has a similar problem to this.

Please tell me I'm not alone. :)

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  1. I feel the same way! I slake this urge in a couple of ways. First, I usually have a cookapalooza on Sundays, when I make sauces to freeze for the week, make a casserole ahead of time, and make us a nice multi-course dinner.

    Secondly, and I do not equate these activities, I volunteer in a soup kitchen and also serving food to shelter dogs in my area. If I were better at what I do, I might try catering! :-)

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      I was thinking soup kitchen idea myself. Good karma.

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        I cook lunch once a month for a homeless shelter for women and it's a blast- we eat whatever I make and my husband drops it off the next day. for the women. The dish needs to feed 10-12 so I can double or triple recipes that are too big for just two people. Tonight I'm making mexican rice and chicken with enchilada sauce. They will nuke it tomorrow and someone else will make dessert and salad.

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        I work every weekend, so I have a major cookathon on Fridays so that I have food to tote to work and the husband has simple meals to put together. It does help with the urge lol. But I always want to make just one more dish...

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          I cook up a storm on the weekends myself. I love to come home and just have to heat up dinner after a busy work day.

          But tonight I was in a chopping mood and made a vegeetable stir fry and rice, enough to feed four people, lol! Good thing I love leftovers.

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            I'm exactly the same, I'm only cooking for one at the moment and I relish my Sundays at the soup kitchen where I get to cook for 60!

          2. I cook for 5 but most of the time cook too much so I am like you in that way. I have no problem with a 15+person dinner party. I look forward to the day that it is only me and DH at home and I don't have to take my kids' palates into consideration when I plan meals but on the other hand think about how small the sizes of those meals will be with just the 2 of us.

            You know you can freeze pulled pork if you make too much, don't you? ;)

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              Ah, I have a temporary moratorium on freezing: we are trying to eat down the chest freezer. It's full of remnants of those dishes that "we'll freeze some for later", that got ahead of us. LOL. I told you, I has a problem. :)

              Maybe encourage at least one kid to stay home? "Hey, baby, no need for college, you'll always have a room and a Nintendo/Playstation/Wii here with us." lol

            2. Good for you! I had to get used to marrying into a very large, very hungry, noisy happy multigenerational family. Cooking for two or four, no problem. Cooking for twenty or more- head explodes. I go for it and make more than I think twice that many people would eat, but I never knew how much those little old folks would/could eat when I really cooked to impress. Great-grandma was a little put out when I ran out of spaghetti so she couldn't have thirds. Bless them, the elders have died, so the groups are smaller, and I thank the good Lord that there are few food allergies/sensitivities to deal with, I thnk we have 1 banana and 1 Kiwi fruit allergy. Easy enough to work around.
              Also, I like buying cookware in many sizes, so that's not an issue. ;-)

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              1. re: EWSflash

                but I never knew how much those little old folks would/could eat when I really cooked to impress.

                Ha! I also experienced this. Sadly, their numbers are dwindling.

                I love to cook for a crowd. I look forward to the days when my son is a teen and he brings his bottomless pit friends over after school and I can cook for them.

                I actually get disappointed when family members "steal" the holidays away from me. I have a cousin that also likes to cook so once in a while he puts his foot down and puts on holiday dinners at his parent's house.

                I like cooking for the group and encourage them to bring friends and ILs if those people don't have holiday plans.

                My favorite dinner guest is a dear friend who always eats seconds and thirds and then calls the next day to complain that he ate to much and tells me to make him stop at seconds next time.

                My mom so hates to cook that the thought of someone cooking for a crowd makes her so uncomfortable, she can't even enjoy being someone's guest. She opted out of our last Thanksgiving feast (her loss) and dreads being invited to her SIL's because "SIL work so hard on her food that I can't enjoy it knowing she cooked all day."

              2. entertain! besides having the opportunity to bring excellent food joy to friends and family, you get the extra project of planning the whole shebang. although i spend most of the time at my b/f's technically i live alone and only rarely cook anything for myself. i serve my jones by having people over. 10, 20, 30, depending on the budget.

                i especially like doing it on a sunday afternoon. people tend not to overstay because of work and such the next day and i'm cleaned up and in my jammies at a reasonable hour.


                11" electric frypan, Rival Little Dipper 2-cup crockpot, small microwave and electric steamers, small countertop convection oven.


                btw, i own none of these devices. :)

                1. With you all the way! During the week, I cook for two- but I always have a crowd on Sunday, and really enjoy cooking up a storm. Took me a while to learn to cook for two, but I have it almost down pat- usually have little left overs. Cooking in Sunday, usually no leftovers, no matter what i make. Last Sunday was roast beef dinner, and I think I will cook Italian this week.
                  We vacation with the entire family every year, and there are at least 25 in our group- and we eat in every meal. All of the family love to cook, so we all have a blast when it is our night to cook. A few years ago, even the teens saw how much fun it can be, and now they take on night too cook, the first year, they had taco b ar night, with chili and all the fixins. This year they opted for chicken parm,, pasta, salad and garlic bread. So much fun to see them in the kitchen.