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Oct 5, 2011 03:47 PM

Quinoa in Sobeys / Metro?

Does anyone know if Metro and Sobeys and similar supermarkets carry quinoa? Would it be in the rice/couscous section?

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  1. I get it at my local Loblaw. It's with the specialty flour section -- Loblaw carries the Bob's Red Mill brand.

    1. Most grocery stores probably carry it nowadays. Costco has a big bag of it for a good price too if that is an option for you (at least based on recent visits)

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      1. re: ylsf

        +1 for Costco saw a huge serving for like 15-20$ though it is prepared already.
        Also saw it at the salad bar in Longos at Maple Leaf Square. My friend tried it and like it quite a bit but it was quite pricey IMO.

        1. re: elvisahmed

          Bulk stores carry it as well & probably at a cheaper price .

          1. re: terrycar

            Well these were cooked and with Costco you can't wrong.

            1. re: terrycar

              Costco does have it raw too and from what I recall the price was pretty good

              1. re: ylsf

                That's the stuff I buy, assuming you're talking about the organic stuff called TruRoots or some such. It was definitely under $10 for 3 pounds, based on the last bag I bought some months ago.

                1. re: megjp

                  confirmed I saw a bag (3 lbs I think) of organic quinoa at Costco for 9.99$.
                  Costco rules!

        2. Longo's carries it (not sure what brand), as does Loblaws/No Frills. They carry Bob's Red Mill and their own PC brand, and you can find it in either the rice section or in the sections with organic food (either the section entirely for PC organic products, or the bigger general organic section). I think I've seen it at Sobeys, but I'm certain about the other stores.