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I made Michael Chiarello's Italian Meatloaf a few days ago and, though I had it for dinner, won't make it again. I don't want to make sandwiches with it because I don't like it that well, but I don't want to throw it out, either. Any ideas??? Thanx for any help.

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  1. Not knowing the ingredients in the recipe, could you break it into small pieces and toss with pasta? Or make baked ziti with it.

    1. Check out this thread...and try some of the more adventurous sandwiches, if you want

      1. Hash it in a skillet and put an egg on it?

        1. The answer use to be a big dog, but now that we own chihuahuas we have to eat it ourselves. ;-)

            1. Crumble it up and put it in a chili?

              1. Thanx y'all. Some great ideas there!! Stuffed peppers sound good, as does breaking it up and tossing with pasta. And I DO have a big dog (and a smaller dog) but there's too much meatloaf to feed to them without doing a guilt trip on myself. I'll check out some of your ideas. Thanx!!

                1. Calzones is another option, easy to do with refridgerated pizza crusts, any tomato sauce and some mozzerella. I think you could use this up anywhere you would sub meatballs. Maybe a soup with some chicken broth, tortellini and veggies?

                  1. If you can pinpoint what you don't like about it, you can compensate by tooking it in a tomato sauce whose ingredients balance out whatever's wrong with the meatloaf. Or add additional raw meat, egg, and other balancing ingredients to the crumbled-up meatloaf, re-form into meatballs and cook in sauce, or re-form and bake as meatloaf.

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                      Though it smells good and you'd think it'd be terrific, it has something to do with too much breadcrumbs. Not sure how to deal with fully cooked meatloaf added to raw meat and egg - what would the texture be like?? Thought I'd fly in the face of about everything and break it up into nearly cooked bow tie pasta, add and mix in previously frozen (and now defrosted) pot roast gravy and throw it in the oven for 30-45 mins and hope for the best. Someone please pray for me!! If I never post again, you'll know that (a) we've been poisoned; or (b) husband throttled me.