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Oct 5, 2011 01:59 PM

Odd Question- Teen friendly Winery on North Fork

We will be apple picking on the north fork this weekend but i thought we'd try to fit in a winery. our party will include 3 teenagers, all well behaved/mannered. obviously they won't be dringking but is there any winery anyone would recommend vs. others. we will only be going for an hour or so but i don't want them to be bored to tears or feel out of place. thanks!

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  1. I don't think any of the wineries would "ban" teens. You might want to stick with the larger ones that have lots of room outside of the Bar/tasting area.

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      Dilibertos bans anyone under 21, don't know any others off hand. How about Martha Clara, they have a great horse drawn tour around the grounds that the teens can take while you indulge. Only $5, well worth it. Although you might want to join them! They also have quite a menagerie that always entertains the young ones, and a travelling art exhibit in a separate barn.

    2. Pugliese vineyard has a very pretty pond, full of large koi, frogs,and turtles. That was the only winery my non-drinking kids ever enjoyed going to. You can also try McCall's. The kids would get a kick out of the herd of charolais cattle and the windmill. My daughter (now old enough, but a non-drinker) really enjoyed that place. Still, an hour is a long time to spend for kids. Its a long time to spend for me!

      1. i seem to recall seeing younger folks at pindar when i was there. not sure if that's to your liking but you might want to check it out. while in the area you should also check out sang lee farms for produce and catapanos for the best goat cheese in the united states.

        1. just wanted to report back that we ended up going to bedell and it was fabulous. beautiful tasting room, huge gorgeous outdoor covered space and adjacent picnic areas, live music, great for having teens tag along. brought along cheese from catapano and some other snacks. couldn't have asked for a better end to the day after apple and pumpkin picking.

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            glad you got to catapano. just love their cheeses. i miss going there since we moved.