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Oct 5, 2011 01:28 PM

Novel Experience: Dining in Utter Darkness with Blind Waiters

NYC is about to have their first restaurant that uses pitch black conditions to give diners a new and different expereince of food--it's called Dans La Noir and features blind or visually imparired waiters. I think it's going to be in Times Square.
Here's a blog post about a similar restaurant with a detailed description:

And I suggest you don't try it at home unless you have LOTS of napkins...!

Has anyone been to one of these?

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  1. Yep, I ate at Opaque's Dining in the Dark event at the Breslin last month. Food was great, as expected. Experience overall was very, very strange.

    The Breslin
    20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

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    1. There's a restaurant called O Noir in Montreal that has the same concept. I haven't been 'cause I sort of dismissed it as a gimmick, but my friend who went said the food was surprisingly good and experience rather interesting. Now I kind of want to try it - maybe I won't need to go to Montreal to do it now.

      1. I wonder... would there be a dress code for places like this? it's not like you can see anything anyway....

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          pajamas would seem appropriate.

          These don't really appeal to me, a large part of the experience in the presentation for me. It might be interesting to see how you perceive the other elements - but I wouldn't pay a lot to do it.

          1. re: Rodzilla

            "a large part of the experience in the presentation for me"

            On a certain level, that's true of just about everyone.

            There are now a number of studies showing that people say things taste better based on extraneous information, like price. Serve the exact same wine but label one sample as costing $10 and another as costing $90 and people say that the $90 tastes so much better. This kind of trick of the mind even affects experts.

          2. re: Cheeryvisage

            I had a similar thought but more along the lines of, who knows what people take off once they're inside :-)

          3. Not a single mention of the food?

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              I wonder if the overall experience overshadows the food somewhat, even if the food is great....

            2. I prefer to see my food, because I don't want to unwittingly eat a bug or a hair or a piece of aluminum foil. I can always close my eyes once the food's in my mouth, if I feel like it.