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Oct 5, 2011 01:10 PM

Private catered venue for 40th birthday party in Toronto?

I posted about this yesterday but I just want to ad a few details. I'm looking for a spot in Toronto where I can host my 40th birthday in February but it has to have a private room that will allow us to play our own music, it needs to have a dancefloor and it has to be available on a Friday or Saturday.

I"m looking to have the venue cater but I would like to have a cash bar for my guests with possibly the option of giving each guest 1 beer/wine drink ticket.

There will be 30-50 guests and I see it going from 7pm-1am.

Hotel Ocho sent me a bottle service list (i.e. $150 Grey Goose etc) but that's not what I'm after. I just want a spot that will allow my guests to order their own drinks, as they would in a bar.

Am I crazy? Does this sort of scenario not exist?

C'est What couldn't do it because they don't have a private room and I'm waiting to hear back from the Academy of Spherical Arts....


C'est What
67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

Academy of Spherical Arts
38 Hanna Ave, Toronto, ON M6K, CA

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  1. I should say that I'm looking for something relatively affordable. Under $1000 for venue and food (just appetizers). Again, am I crazy?

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    1. re: cherrypicker1972

      Ya, that's kind of crazy. Less than $1000 isn't going to feed 50 guests appetizers for 6 hours, and certainly won't provide them with appetizers and an alcoholic drink.

      The only way I could see entertaining 50 people for less than $1000 would be to work out a BYOB situation in the party room at Rol San (Rol San doesn't have a dancefloor- not sure if any of the party rooms in Chinatown have dancefloors- maybe someone can mention if any of them do) or another Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, or host a non-alchoholic party at Lahore Tikka House (again probably no dance floor) or another economical resto on Gerrard.

      Or host a potluck at a community or cultural centre. Plenty of cultural clubs around TO (Polish, Greek, Hungarian, German, JCC, etc) rent out their spaces for events on nights they aren't already running events, don't charge much and have dance floors. Some clubs offer catering, but I doubt any would cater for less than $25 per person (including tax & tip).

      Above Lolita's Lust, there's a space called the Chinchilla Lounge, that can be rented out. You can play your own music. Very narrow space, and not a proper dancefloor, but I have seen some dancing take place there. Not a great space, and a little shabby, but probably cheap. Who knows, maybe Lolita's will give you a deal, although I would expect to pay more than $25 per person. Maybe Lolita's will let you bring in take-out food from Folia, Messini or Asteria, if you ask nicely and pay them for the room.

      Rol San
      323 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E9, CA

      Lolita's Lust
      513 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P5, CA

      1. re: prima

        the space isn't big enough for 30-50 ppl and i very highly doubt that they will allow you to bring in food from outside for profit reasons but also because if someone gets food poisoning the health department will be knocking on lolita's door not folia'sm messii's or asteria's.

        1. re: ingloriouseater

          It's a narrow space, but I've been at an event with 50-60 people or so (standing). It was full, but not over-crowded.

          You're probably right about LL not allowing outside food in the CL, but if someone was interested in the space, it doesn't hurt to check with Sam, the current owner AFAIK. Doesn't sound like the OP is interested in the Chinchilla Lounge, anyhow.

          1. re: prima

            i can't imagine that many people in there. i went to a 40th up there...ahem... 10 years ago now...and the food was great (back when we were allowed to eat sea bass). we had 16 people for dinner and then another 20 joined for drinks after and i thought it pretty crowded-or maybe it was just hot as it was the end of july....

      2. re: cherrypicker1972

        Likely not possible on a Friday or Sat. Most places have a min spend on those days of the week and for a group your size I would expect the min would be $2,500.

        The only other thing you could consider is finding a small resto that would do a buyout where you buy $1000 worth of food and then run a full cash bar.

      3. Oh and the Academy really won't be an option. I would guess for a private room with some small nibbles for up to 50 guests on a Friday or Sat would run closer to $5,000.

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        1. re: JennaBean

          Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'm rethinking it now. May have something more intimate and spend the money on food and drink instead. :-)

          1. re: cherrypicker1972

            We had 60 people with plenty of served apps at the Duke of York - probably cost $500. From 8pm to 1am. There was leftover food. It can be done. And...Hotel Ocho just doesn't do bottle service - they do a full bar in their private room upstairs.

            1. re: MeMeMe

              They have a private room and will allow you to bring your own music?

              1. re: JennaBean

                i think they would have let us bring our music - but i can't recall.

            2. re: cherrypicker1972

              ps - Bedford Academy has some really cool rooms upstairs - with elevator access. Check them out too.

              Bedford Academy
              36 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1A9, CA

              1. re: cherrypicker1972

                We attended a great party 40th surprise party at Grace Upstairs. The host had their own music via iPod/iTunes. Had a selection of delish passed appetizers. Not a "dance floor" per se, but you could definitely dance, if you wanted to. Probably not for under $1000 but for the neighbourhood/room/ etc. it may be worth a call to enquire. I also hosted a 40th party at Auld Spot, on Danforth. They did drink tickets and passed appetizers that they created specifically for us. We just took over the back of the pub, so it wasn't private and no dancing, but it was a fantastic night/experience. We may be biased though, because we're locals there and love it.

                Auld Spot
                347 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

                1. re: cinda

                  there is an antiquated law on the ontario or toronto books about dancing in restaurants...going back to the days of putting all the nightclubs in one zone. most resto liquor licences don't allow for it so many might be hesitant to allow it. many who are aware of this law may not think that $1000 revenue is worth risking a $5000 fine or loss of licence is worth it....