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Oct 5, 2011 12:38 PM

Fun, decently priced restaurant for a Monday night

I am visiting Philly for a conference in October. Three co-workers (and friends) and I have one night before the boss comes into town. We want to go out for a dinner at a place with good food and a fun atmosphere. We are from the NYC area, but we all have small kids and don't get out a lot. Nothing too expensive - we'll hit the high end place the following night with our boss. We like all foods - Italian, asian, spanish, cuban, mexican, etc.

After living in NYC for 10 years, I love the idea of a BYO so if there are any good reccos, have at it. My question is, if you are visiting from out of town, are there liquor stores everywhere to pick up a bottle? I wont be hauling one with me on Amtrak.

We are staying in Center City and would love a place to walk to, but dont mind cabbing for a good meal.

Also, any funky/interesting bars/dives/lounge recommendations are appreciated. Would love to see Martha Graham Cracker but I dont think she performs that night. Did I mention we dont get out much?

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  1. This interactive BYOB map is great because it shows you the location of state liquor stores (where you have to buy your wine).

    1. My favorite byob in the city 19th street and they are open Mondays.
      You don't say where you are staying in the city but it is pretty central to many Hotels.

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        rg 818 I am staying at the Loews Philly. Matyson looks like a good place to take my boss. I am going to try to make a reservation there the next night. Thanks!

      2. Matyson is great but not all that "fun" imo... I'd look into Kanella, it's a Cypriot (Greek + Turkish) BYO that's a little more relaxed and and you can sit outside, and the menu is good for sharing. I'd suggest Lolita (haute Mexican) on 13th St too but they don't take reservations and the wait can be brutal with a group... if it's a weeknight, it might be ok. If this a Monday, all bets are off because lots of BYOBs will be closed.

        1. For a taste of Philly you can't do much better than Radicchio. It's a short cab ride.