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Oct 5, 2011 11:50 AM

Mehadrin chocolate Leben- Weird Taste?

My husband has been eating the Mehadrin chocolate lebens for years. The last batch I bought had a really odd metallic, chemical like taste. We threw out the first 2. I called Mehadrin and the young woman there was remarkably UNhelpful and ever so slightly obnoxious.

I guess I'll bring it back to the butcher/kosher market where i bought them, though I would have preferred not to have the local store have a loss. My receipt is long gone and I don't know what sort of refund they could get from Mehadrin.
Has anyone else had this experience with the lebens lately? They're fresh, the expiration isn't till 12/6/11

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  1. Yes. Interesting. My kids had been eating it for years and then took a hiatus. I bought a few a couple of months ago and they said that they were "spoiled." I looked at the expiration date and told them they were wrong. They refused to eat them. I threw them out. Don't remember the dates. We should let them know because there are kids all over eating this stuff.

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      I'll be returning them to the store, and maybe they'll give them feedback. But Mehadrin had less than zero interest in what I had to say. All the person at Medhadrin wanted to tell me was that I should get my money back from the store, and why am I calling them.

      1. re: helou

        My family loves them, we just bought a batch a few days ago and no complaints were heard. In fact my family insists that they are the best lebens and won't let me buy the cheaper brand.