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Oct 5, 2011 11:23 AM

Casual Seafood in/near Point Pleasant?

Headed to area this weekend... Any recommendations for a low-key, affordable seafood shack in the area? Nothing fancy, just super fresh, yummy seafood. Take out and/or picnic tables acceptable.

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  1. I haven't been in quite some time, but Spike's probably fits what you're seeking. Its kind of expensive for what it is.

    1. You might try Red's Lobster pot and Spikes as already noted.

      1. Mr. Shrimp in belmar (since you said near Pt. Pleasant). It's probably a 10-15 minute ride up rt.35.

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          My vote is Red's. Outside seating right on the water. It's not cheap, but worth the cost for real steamers (Ipswitch), shrimp in the rough, and steamed lobster. They keep a large cooler on the deck for customers beer/wine. I veered off course a couple of years ago and ordered shrimp bisque. I spit it out. Stick with the basics and Red won't let you down. Call first, they usually shut down near the end of this month.

          1. re: chefdaddyo

            I agree with the "outside at Red's" suggestion, as well as the advice to stick to the basics on the menu. Personally, I'm a fan of the fried clams and the wall of hot sauces. It's worth noting that none of the places in Point are inexpensive.

            Another spot worth mentioning is the Crab Shack on Mantoloking Road in Brick. It's just over the bridge from Bay Head. Again, simple fair is your best bet. There may still be some blue claws around.

            1. re: MGZ

              why the basics only?.....should the whole menu reflect quality food?...what am I missing?

              1. re: Tapas52

                Like many places (or people for that matter), they seem to do certain things better than others. When the seafood is prepared simply, the fish itself is featured and I have found it enjoyable. The more involved preparations seem to suffer, so I do not recommend more complex dishes, sauces, etc. at either place.

                In fact, I'd say the same thing about Mr. Shrimp or even Klein's for that matter. There are basically competent cooks preparing the food at all of these places. They are not "chefs." If you want seafood preparations that are more complex, interesting, and well executed, then go to Shipwreck or Atlantic Bar & Grill.

            2. re: chefdaddyo

              They're currently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and will be shutting down for good on Sunday, October 23rd.

              1. re: JerZ Wine Geek

                Thanks so much for the feedback. Sounds like Red's is the place to go! How's the quality of the seafood and the fry oil at Red's? I'll have a seafood snob from New England with me :)

                1. re: burbgirl

                  I've never ordered anything fried from Red's. I think our NJ "full belly" clams taste somewhat muddy. The seafood snob might not be impressed, but let 'em focus on the view. Just to rub it in, I'm headed up to Boston early tomorow to look at colleges with my son. Fried clams in a mere 12 hours. Enjoy, burbgirl.

                  1. re: chefdaddyo

                    No need to rub in the beginning of college tuition! Just to rub that in my son graduated grad school last Spring. Enjoy those clams... :-)

                    1. re: chefdaddyo

                      Though I enjoy the setting very much, the stern of a few commercial fishing vessels, though nostalgic to me, may not exactly be the aesthetic some folks think of when they contemplate a "nice view." As for soft shell clams from NJ waters, I will simply note that I am very glad to see them capable of being harvested again - same goes for oysters.

                    2. re: burbgirl

                      Resisting the urge to respond with sarcasm, I will merely note that we have offered the place in response to your query and would not have done so if the seafood were not of decent quality or the preparations suggested not worthy. Then again, if seafood snob is a euphemism for "asshole," I make no promises. I will say that having grown up with the sea and its bounty as an integral part of my life, Red's is the only place in the area that I patronize for an experience like the one you seek.

              2. I probably eat at Red's 6 times per summer, both inside and outside, and have never had a bad meal there; it is consistently very good. (I am originally from RI, so I do have point of reference for decent seafood.) Spikes has a good bowl of chowder, but not much ambiance and it's community seating inside the fish store, so it's not for everyone. I would definitely recommend Shore Fresh over Spike's for better and cheaper in the area. If you are going for super-casual, it's great.; the fish is always fresh as can be, and well prepared; the linguine with clams served in a huge portion right in the cast iron pan is a family favorite.There are not a huge number of inexpensive, decent places in the area that offer a great view, unfortunately. If you are up for a splurge and a drive, head to the Atlantic Grill in Seaside Heights, about 15 mins south and right on the beach.

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                1. re: baconbitgirl

                  We've heard from the baconbitgirl, but I'm curious where the "burbgirl" ended up last weekend. The weather was incredible if you tend to be a beach or sun person. Perfect for outdoor clams. 'yat, burbgirl?

                  1. re: chefdaddyo

                    Stopped into Spike's for the first time yesterday. We took advantage of the great weather Sunday, and went for a good walk on the boards. Finished up just before noon, and tried Spike's in Point Pleasant. Got there just as it was filling up. Lotsa older locals. Decent menu. I got a cup of Manhattan, gal got a bowl of NE, and casinos to split. Mine was pretty good, but $4.75 for a mug? Hers was fair at best. It was so thick, the chowder rose above the rim of the bowl. Light on the clams, heavy on the potatoes and roux, and had corn in it! Four clams casino were superb. I think $6.95. The check sat on the table at least 15 minutes. I noticed another couple paying at the register and followed. Woulda' been nice if we were told! Not for us.