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Oct 5, 2011 08:58 AM

Portable burner recommendations?

We need to get a single burner to take the place of one that went out on our electric stovetop (it's too expensive to fix). I've seen a few posts here about portable induction burners. What about single electric burners? Any recommendations. Pro and con to electric vs. induction (besides the cookware issue)? Also, I'd like to keep it under $100.


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  1. I have been thinking of purchasing a single portable burner for awhile now - I have an induction smooth top stove and I would use the portable for pans which don't work well on the cooktop. My personal choice would be the old fashioned coil electric - you don't need special pots and pans, you can use a wok, etc. I believe the price would be much less for a standard coil burner than for anything else (not that that's much of a consideration for me personally, however, I want something I can just throw a pan on and use without having to worry too much).

    1. I ended up buying the portable, induction Duxtop 8300ST model for about $85 and I am SOOOOOOO happy I did! Yes, you need cookware that a magnet can stick to--but for me that was accomplished with my cast iron pans plus and "everything pot". The cooktop works very well and is seemingly infinitely adjustable for temperature. If anyone is in need of a spare burner, I highly recommend this one.

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        thanks for the follow-up - I was considering an induction burner, I'll check it out.

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          Definitely have a look--I so love this one so far that I want an entire induction cooktop! I was surprised that it really does heat so quickly. The entire unit is larger than I imagined, but it sits atop my now defunct burner just fine.

      2. We have two portable induction burners at the cooking school. Burton brand, bought on amazon for about $80 each. They're great! Heat fast, good range of temperature, energy efficient.

        1. This is too late to help you, since your post is a few months old but I use portable butane stoves every single day as my regular cooktops. Until we complete a kitchen renovation, we're stuck with a terrible cheap electric "pos" range. The oven is ok but the coil tops are awful.

          These portable $20-25 burner / stoves are just fantastic. I can cook anything on them, with very good heat control, even down to a low simmer. 4 cans of gas are a mere $5, and that lasts us about 1 month or so, with daily use.

          These are the same kind of portable stoves that you'll see at a hotel, being used for the "egg and omelet station" or "pasta station". They cost more online. The best prices are from any local asian market - they are anywhere from $18-25.