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Oct 5, 2011 08:25 AM

Pre-theatre Dinner

I have reservations at the modern bar room and ma peche - which do you prefer and why? our show is on a saturday and is on 45th street between 7 and 8th aves. also, what's pricing like at ma peche, can't seem to find anything...


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  1. The Modern Bar Room is closer to your theater, about 3 blocks closer, if that even matters.

    I think price-wise, they're fairly similar, maybe the portion sizes at Ma Peche are slightly bigger for similarly-priced dishes? However, Ma Peche does not serve bread and butter (for free), while The Bar Room does and I like their mini-baguettes a lot.

    In terms of the actual food, it's hard to say since they're completely different. Apples to oranges. I like The Bar Room's food better, but that's just my taste.

    I've only dined in the upstairs bar area, but I believe Ma Peche's main dining room has communal tables and there's a chance you might get seated there. Something to keep in mind.

    I'm more familiar with The Bar Room since I visit regularly now (due for another visit this weekend). For Ma Peche, maybe ellenost will chime in when she sees this thread.

    The Modern
    9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

    Ma Peche
    15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

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    1. re: Cheeryvisage

      We've eaten at Ma Peche once just after it opened, We had lunch in the downstairs dining room. At that time, there was a large X-shaped communal table. But it has been eliminated.

      The Bar Room would definitely be my choice since I much prefer that style of cuisine to the style at Ma Peche. All our meals in the Bar Room have been superb.

      Bar Room at The Modern Photos:

    2. I'm considering Ma Peche for pre-theatre as well, has anyone else tried and been successful with this? I've been before but cannot remember how long our meal took. Also, would you say that mains are mid to high 20s? I can't seem to remember this either...

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      1. re: lucyj

        I hate it when the restaurant website does not tell the menu prices, so here is their dinner menu for your reference! :)

        1. re: kosmose7

          Thanks very helpful, I guess I'd remembered entrees as being slightly less expensive.

      2. Yet another question. I don't frequently eat pre-theatre so I'm not sure what the timing should be.

        Going to be trying to make a ma peche res for 8 people on a Saturday night and we have an 8:00 pm show close-ish to the restaurant. Want to finish be ready to hit the road at 7:30. Guessing it shouldn't be too busy early on a Saturday night? Is a 6 pm res cutting it too close? Or is a (gasp) 5:30 pm safer?

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        1. re: lucyj

          I dine fairly often at Ma Peche for pre-theatre on Friday nights. To be comfortable, I would go with a 5:30 reservation. Do let your server know that you're going to the theatre, and what time you would like to be finished with dinner. BTW, my favorite dishes are the foie gras; the striped bass with miso, mushroom and bone marrow; and the chocolate dessert should not be missed!

          1. re: ellenost

            Thanks ellenost! I tried several of the dishes you had recommended there in the past and enjoyed everything!

            I see the bass is on the pre-fixe menu only. What they post is pretty accurate generally or does it change very frequently? Any recs based on the current menu? Could see myself ending up with several small plates/ raw bar dishes rather than an entree since more of those are calling to me, just based on the descriptions (assuming that would be enough food...)

            1. re: lucyj

              So glad my recommendations worked out for you. Even though the striped bass is listed on the prix-fixe menu, you may definitely order it a la carte. My sister loved the broccoli too. The uni is delicious and served in its shell. The sweet shrimp is also lovely. The pork and beef dishes are for at least 2 people. The duck dish is a nice slab of breast meat served with a duck sausage pattie. All of the veggie dishes are excellent. You may order small portions of all 3. BTW, I highly recommend the non-alcoholic cocktail called "Cold Toddy"-made with meyer lemon, chamomile and cinnamon-very refreshing. The menu listed on-line is fairly accurate, but there may be last minute changes. BTW, last time I had dinner at Ma Peche, I made my dinner out of a bunch of the small plates and shared the chocolate dessert. Hope you have a great time!

              1. re: ellenost

                Great thanks! I'll be sure to report back!

                1. re: lucyj

                  Fabulous dinner again at Ma Peche. Split the spanish mackerel, the scallop, the foie gras and the striped bass as well as the chocolate ganache and banana with my mom. Also had some of the crispy pig's head which we shared among the table. (And definitely would have had enough room for another dish, but that's ok). I thought the banana was good, everything else was great to outstanding. We were a party of 8 in at 5:30 and out by 7:30 in time for theatre. Wonderful meal all around, thanks for the suggestions!

                  Ma Peche
                  15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

                  1. re: lucyj

                    Thanks for reporting back. Ma Peche is my #1 spot for pre-theatre dining.