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Oct 5, 2011 07:16 AM

Mémé, wonderful mediterranean on Hudson St. (at 11th)

My wife and I didn't feel like waiting for a table last night, so after wandering from Joseph Leonard to Jeffrey's to Redfarm and to the new Frankies (I know, wishful thinking on all counts), we wandered into Mémé, on Hudson St. near 11th. We weren't at all familiar with it, but were drawn in by an attractive mediterranean menu and a crowd that clearly was there on purpose. We were rewarded with a terrific and reasonably priced meal. We limited ourselves to the tapas side of the menu -- grilled octupus wit chickpeas, marguez sausage with hummus and chopped salad, and almond crusted scallops with cauliflower puree. All three dishes were wonderfully flavorful and fresh tasting. Other dishes we saw served around us (and, in particular, a fish special they were offering) looked excellent, and we're anxious to go back and try more of the menu.

581 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

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  1. Ok, we need the hounds to show this place some love.

    Based on our wonderful first experience earlier this month, my wife and I returned to Mémé earlier this week, and it was wonderful again. As we were seated, we were served a wonderful amuse bouche (I'm a little reluctant to use that term, since it makes the restaurant sound a lot fancier than it really is!), a crostini topped with garlicky white beans, followed by their excellent bread, which is served with olives, olive oil, and wonderful pickled vegetables. My wife ordered the almond crusted scallops, which she loves on our last visit and loved again this time. I ordered a special, a mixed grill featuring a chicken skewer, a beef skewer, a small lamb burger and merguez sausage, served with a small salad and a small side of hummas. I didn't think the beef skewer was anything special, but loved everything else on my plate.

    We intend to be regulars here. I'd love for some other here to give the place a try and, if warranted, show them some love on this board!

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      Agreed. Meme is fabulous. My son and I eat there regularly. The service is always spot on and friendly, and there hasn't been a dish there that I have not enjoyed.

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        Thank you for the recommendation! A group of us just had a fantastic meal here. We had the combination platter, fried artichoke, ricotta gnocchi, and scallops from the small plates sized. Everything was generously portioned and excellent. From the entrees, we had the salmon, Meme's couscous, chicken tagine, mushroom ravioli, and a red grouper special. I didn't get to try any of the other entrees, but everyone seemed to really enjoy them. The grouper special had brussels sprouts and chanterelles. It was perfectly cooked.
        Service was efficient and friendly.
        In total with about 2 glasses of wine each, it was around $65 a person.
        We'll definitely be back.

      2. Thanks for the heads up! You've put this on my radar and I plan to go -- though it'll probably be a few weeks.