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Oct 5, 2011 06:37 AM

good eats near Barber Vintage Festival, Birmingham, AL for visiting Canadian

My husband is heading down to the festival tonight and has asked me to do a little research so after perusing the board I need a little help. Skipping back and forth between Google maps and your suggestions is very frustrating. So could you suggest maybe 4 places near the park? Favoruite foods would be BBQ, breakfast and Mexican (a thread on tacos in Birmingham has me very jealous). I will pass on reviews, I promise! Thanks.

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    Not a lot out there, although I would love to know where that taco truck is ...

    It's only about a 15 minute drive into town from there.

    1. OK, how about some help with the actual addreses or at least an intersection for the following places:

      Jack & Nick's
      Miss Myra's
      Full Moon

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      1. re: crawfish

        Gordo's is on Valley Avenue in Birmingham, tucked around the Valley Plaza, I believe it's called. Miss Myra's is in Cahaba Heights (off U.S. 280) on Cahaba Heights Road.
        Jim N Nick's has several locations; try the one in Five Points South, 11th Ave S, off 20th Street.
        Full Moon also has several locations -- recommendations anyone?

        1. re: Big Daddy

          Full Moon? None of them? The 'cue tasted burnt and it's too chopped for me.

          Crawfish, where is he staying? Our there in Leeds or in town?

          1. re: Dax

            He's camping at the track. Are these the right places?

            Gordo's Market
            433 Valley Avenue, Birmingham, AL
            (205) 916-0707 ‎

            Miss Myra's Pit Bar B Q
            3278 Cahaba Heights Road, Vestavia Hills, AL
            (205) 967-6004

            Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q
            2831 Greystone Commercial Boulevard, Birmingham, AL
            (205) 991-1306

            Thank you very much for your help!

            1. re: crawfish

              I don't know what others say (I'm kind of lazy and just go to the local bbq joints), but I like Dreamland as well. Not for the meat itself, but for the sauce.
              My friend like's Saw's a lot. I think its not bad.

              The Jim N Nick's in 5 points is:
              1908 11th Avenue South, Birmingham

              1. re: Tuzi

                My husband likes Dreamland but it's out of the way and he wanted to try something different.

                Which Jim & Nick's is closest to Barber?

                One issue is he likes a beer with his BBQ and he said a lot of places don't serve beer so any suggestions with beer would be welcomed. Or how about a great brew pub?

                1. re: crawfish

                  There is a Dreamland in Birmingham as well, although I've heard its not as good as the Tuscaloosa one:
                  1427 14th Avenue South, Birmingham
                  I believe the 5 pts Jim n Nicks should be the closer one.
                  Another alternative is to check out a random bbq joint in nearby Leeds or somewhere else directly nearby. I don't think many of us venture that way so it'd be new to us.

                  Brewpubs are pretty much illegal in Alabama, with few exceptions. Dreamland has beer, for sure.

                  I second Gordos, or the taco truck in Homewood.

                  1. re: Tuzi

                    Wow, liquor laws stricter than ours? Who'da thunk it. How about pubs with a great micro brew selection?

                    1. re: crawfish

                      Hands down J. Clyde
                      1312 Cobb Ln S
                      Birmingham, AL 35205-4918

                      1. re: crawfish

                        True on the strict laws. But I still think Ontario has us beat (don't know if you're from that province or if other provincial beer laws are different). But last time I was visiting family there, we could buy beer only by the case in a warehouse, and it was not cooled and ready to drink.
                        I agree that if you go to Jim N Nick's, do the 5 Points South location on 11th Ave. South. I also prefer Saw's (ask 5 people in the for their favorite barbecue joint and you may get a dozen opinions). The advantage of JNNick's in 5 points is it is blocks from J Clyde. Just go up 20th Street South to 14th Ave, Turn right and right again into the cobbled Cobb Lane. Parking is right there.

                        1. re: Big Daddy

                          In Ontario, we can only buy beer and liquor from either The Beer Store or The Liquor Store but the variety is fantastic, so there's a mass liquor merchant in even the smallest town. We can buy beer in any quantity and it's usually cold - maybe not near frozen as I'm sure you southerners prefer. But the brew pubs and micro breweries have really raised the quality of beer available. It's just great.

                          Thanks for all the replies. I've sent them on to the travellers so hopefully they'll hit some of these places tonight.

                  2. re: Tuzi


                    I would skip dreamland in favor of saw's. None of these, nor the places that you mention above, is within 15-20 minutes of Barber. I would advise him to ask a local if they know where the (mythical?) taco truck in leeds is located.

          2. How about the original Golden Rule bbq on Crestwood Blvd? Not far from the track and it's good Q.