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Oct 5, 2011 05:39 AM

Rochester & Concord, NH

Still need help finding places to eat in these two town over the weekend.

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  1. ALL CONCORD! What kind of dining? If you like a japanese tapanyaki there is a great one in that shopping center just off 93 (w the Shaws),Concord. I love Hermano for great mexican (downtown concord). Upscale ding- we loved The Granite in the Centennial Inn. Been wanting to get to Sunny's Table, hearing great things. For italian, in the hotel on the corner of main st + loudon rd is pretty good although I only did lunch buffet. If you loe seafood, check out Makris Lobster pound up on rt 106 just past the mall.

    Morimotos is the japanese place, very good sushi too.

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      Thanks , Lexpatti for all the wonderful recommendation for Concord, we have friends there so they should all be useful.

    2. nonni's is the italian place in downtown @ the hotel...a little further out towards penacook is another italian lots tomotoes

      1. Love The Granite, particularly like sitting at the bar. Also, have had wonderful meals at Old Europe on Main Street in Concord. Barley House is a perennial fave; pumpkin apple soup is great! Angelina's for Italian is very good. Hermanos is good for freshly made Mexican. Margaritas is good for Mexican in a fun atmosphere (excellent margaritas). Moritomos has fantastic sushi. The indian restaurant, House of India, on Pleasant Street, is also really good. Lots of choices.

        Main Street Cafe
        888 Main St, Westbrook, ME 04092

        Pleasant Street Restaurant
        82 Pleasant St, Claremont, NH 03743

        House of India
        6 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301

        Barley House Restaurant
        132 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301

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          There's also Common Man, which has excellent food, as well as the new (last winter) restaurant O Steak and Seafood - upscale and really the closest thing Concord has to a "city-style" restaurant. Concord does have some good picks, but unfortunately, compared to so many similar-sized (and smaller) cities in the area, it's like a wasteland when it comes to restaurants. If anyone thinks it has a good restaurant scene, they haven't left Concord. And the hotel in which Nonni's is located is the Holiday Inn....

          Concord is especially wanting when it comes to ethnic food. Margaritas is tasty in that "every dish you order tastes pretty much the same" way, and they do have tasty margaritas and a fun atmosphere. I just wish there were some more authentic ethnic places. There are a couple, but most pale in comparison to ethnic restaurants in larger cities. I fear the Concord palate just isn't sophisticated enough to support a bunch of authentic ethnic restaurants.

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            Couldn't have said it better...

        2. Let us know if you find something because we're starving up here!

          1. How about the Siam Orchid which is downtown? We've been here several times. The food is usually very good. The service is fine, and the environment is comfortable.