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Oct 5, 2011 05:20 AM

Made-to-order Sandwiches in London's West End

Hi all!

My American boss recently moved to London. Due to his fussy diet ready-made sandwiches don't work for him. I'm DESPERATE to find a shop and/or cafe which will make sandwiches to order to satisfy him. I'm specifically looking for suggestions in the Tottenham Ct Road, Oxford Street, Soho area of the West End, but will travel a little bit farther if necessary.

Any recommendations for businesses which can do sandwiches for breakfast and/or lunch?

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  1. In Holborn on Sicilian Avenue is a small and cheap little sandwich place called Onions Cafe. The staff there are really nice, and they'll make whatever kind of sandwich your boss might want.

    In Soho there is a great place called Zilli Cafe (owned by chef aldo zilli) on Brewer Street which makes really great paninis which can be modified to order. The pasta there is also really good (esp considering the price and locale).

    If you give a more specific address perhaps someone could recommend something within a 2 minute walk (seeing how many sandwich places are around)?

    1. Lots of old sandwich shops still around London, they don't have the corporate glitz of chains like Pret but dive in and they do made to order sandwiches as well as the pre-prepped stuff in the glass counter. Some are good, others are very average, most are quite old fashioned and don't do anything like a Pret crayfish and rocket but are pretty good for an old fashioned cheese and onion bap.

      1. Thanks for these suggestions so far. Strangely, his tastes seem to be quite basic American stuff like egg & sausage, turkey & cheese or no-mayo tuna, so a fancy menu is not required.

        More specifically convenient areas would be Charlotte St / Wardour St / Soho Sq. I could walk up to 8 mins (each way) to get a sandwich with good, fresh ingredients that isn't laden with mayo or not already tainted by tomato or cucumber.

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          Italia Uno on Charlotte St is very popular though you'd have to factor queueing time into your 16-minute journey ;). There's another "Italian" place on Goodge Steet which I think is called Italia Nonna or something (used to be La Sandwicheria) which does good carvery sandwiches (roast beef, gammon, pork, turkey). Any of the side street places off Fitzroy/Charlotte street - Matteo's on Tottenham St for example.

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            This might be a terrible suggestion because I am not sure if they do made-to-order sandwiches but the bakery Princi is a delight. They do beautiful bread and baked goods (and overall great salads and foodstuffs), and you might find something your like there. I believe it's on Wardour.

            I'd also recommend Fernandez and Wells for sandwiches though its not american but the sandwiches are the bizzidy bomb.

            Another awesome place right near your is I Camisa on Old Compton Street -- its a little italian deli which has great made to order sandwiches. It usually has a very fast moving line outside.

            Finally, if you want to schlep a bit one day for a unique sandiwich I'd give Fuzzy Grub a try. They do traditional english roasts and then stuff them into a sandwich (that said, I've never tried one but my brother in law is crazy for them).

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              Yep, Fuzzy Grub is great, as is Fernandez and Wells. This is totally making me wish I still worked in the West End....

              1. re: pj26

                Is Fuzzy Grub still trading ? I understood they had closed lots of branches and had gone into administration some years ago has anyone visited one recently? It would be good to hear they are still going as they did great roast meat sandwiches.

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    And If you do a search the first hit usually says the Cornhill branch went into administration - has anybody actually eaten there recently?

                    1. re: PhilD

                      People should keep their websites up-to-date! I hope someone can clarify the Cornhill situation.I don't even know where that is!