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Oct 5, 2011 01:10 AM

Help! EARLY dinner TODAY near the Gare du Nord - where oh where?

I owe the board a report on my meals over the past few days at C'est Mon Plaisir, La Cerisaie and BON, but before that - a colleague is looking for a decent meal close to the gare du Nord today.

The problem: he'd be eating at around 5pm.

Are there any brasseries that might serve up a decent steak frites or the like? If he were going for a true dinner, I'd send him to Chez Casimir, but at that early hour, what on earth are his options? I saw mention of a place called Au Beret Basque, but no clue as to its hours (or purpose in life).

Many thanks to anyone who might rush to the rescue in the next few hours!

La Cerisaie
Boulevard Edgar Quinet, Paris, Île-de-France 75014, FR

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  1. I thought chez Casimir is open all day. Your colleague can just have a one-dish meal there.

    Is your colleague taking the train at Gare du Nord afterwards? If so, why not buy food from the Marché St Quentin and picnic later on the train at a decent dinner hour? That's what I would do. The poultry vendor-butcher near the life-size toy car has the best stuff and makes roast poulet fermier all day long. He also sells very good foie gras. I can't recommend him enough.

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      Thanks, Parigi - I don't think Casimir is open all day - my partner was there a couple of months ago for dinner and had the earliest seating he could get, at 7pm. I shall pass on the market idea and the poulet fermier tip to my colleague

      The only other place I could think of is Saravanaa Bhavan -- but as he's a Londoner, his craving for Indian food is met more easily than mine on his home turf!

      1. re: Kelly

        "Saravanaa Bhavan"
        That reminds me. What about Urfa Dürüm. It's a further walk, but not by much, and is open all day. 10-minute walk according to Google map.

      2. re: Parigi

        Whoops, Parigi, looks like you're right! From de 11h45 à 14h30 et de 18h45 à 22h30 (non-stop du mercredi au jeudi). Hurrah!

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          There's also Istanbul Grill, a very good Turkish restaurant on rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis with excellent grilled lamb and fresh produce. You can sit down and have a quick meal.

      3. How about "Terminus Nord" which is opposite the station. It's Flo but better than train food and maybe nicer than a picnic and should be OK for a Steak frites.

        1. Just got an email from my colleague - he is in the Eurostar taking particularly sardonic pleasure in seeing all of the noses of his elegantly clad fellow travelers (waifish things, on the way back from Fashion Week) quiver in disgust at the pungent cheeses he purchased at St-Quentin. Thanks again, Parigi - he was delighted with the tip.

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