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Oct 4, 2011 11:19 PM

Carmel: Casual, great service and good food

Went to Mundaka at the suggestion of the concierge at Carmel Valley Ranch on a Tuesday night. Easy to find, had a reservation, but didn't need it. Four of us, three of whom are NY food snobs. Very good ... Had five dishes, the Chuleton - 22oz bone in rib eye, Calabacin - julienned summer squash, Flores - deep fried squash blossoms, Padron - peppers with sea salt and a pulled pork mini burger. Service was excellent. The rib eye was very rare but tasty, the Padron the highlight, the pulled pork a touch on the sweet side. Lots more on the menu, but the five dishes were sufficient for the four of us. Dessert, sadly, did not live up to the same standard as dinner. Overall, lives up to the reviews.

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  1. Recently back from Barcelona and several tapas "crawls" around the city, but found Mundaka in Carmel to be the best of the bunch. We went to Mundaka first to learn about tapas for our upcoming trip to Barcelona so we could dive into the tapas scene with a little bit of knowledge. Little did we know we were getting such good offerings right here in our own backyard. Thanks for your report and confirmation our own initial experiences with tapas were pretty darn good. That being said, the evening outdoor cafe tapas scene in Barcelona is worth the airfare and we enjoyed every moment.

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      glbtrtr--next trip north you must go up Carmel Valley to the tiny mtn village of Cachagua. The Cachagua store serves brunch on Sunday and dinner on Mondays only. Good food at reasonable prices. Great wine. Scary road.