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Oct 4, 2011 09:25 PM

Orange groves on Rte 126

Many years ago, when I lived in LA, we used to drive up 5 and go west on 126. There were alot of orange groves there, and we would buy sacks of oranges from the roadside stands there. I'm wondering if they are still there. I'll be staying in Valencia from time to time so it's a quick jaunt, but won't borther going if it's not worth the effort.

Any thoughts about this? Are there any farm stands in the area worth going to?


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  1. Plenty of groves, and yes, there are a couple stands. Maybe see about farmers mkts in Fillmore or Santa Paula during your visit just in case. FWIW I've had amazing tomatoes from stands lately, including Lombardi Farm which is no. of Valencia along Bouquet Cyn Rd.

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      any good restaurants or cafes in the area???

      thanks. both filmore, or santa paula, or other underlying cities.

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        I've heard (not tried it myself) that Hozy's Grill in Santa Paula has a great Chicken Fried Steak.

        Hozy's Grill
        1760 E Lemonwood Dr, Santa Paula, CA 93060

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        Thanks for the info. Can you please give me an idea of how far Lombardi Farm is on Bouquet Canyon (and are there any other stands in that direction)? As I recall (dimly, it has been a looong time) Bouquet Canyon leads into the Leona Valley where we went cherry picking. It's not that time of the year and probably wouldn't do it anyway (always got more than I could use) but if it's worth the drive and not too far, it would be an option.


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          Lombardi Ranch is ONLY open in the fall - now w/ a pumpkin patch and is about 3 miles up Bouquet. Should you go, stop @ La Cocina for a delish Mex. meal. Corner of Bouquet/Plum Cyn. No other stands that I am aware of unless you go into Leona Valley where you might find apple, pumpkins and other fall fruits/veges.

          There's plenty along HWY 126. My favorite - choices and friendly, honest staff- is the closest stand to Santa Clarita. Don't remember the name. There's also a winery and bee/honey farm in the Fillmore area you might try.

          In Old Town Newhall each week, there's a nifty little F.M. you can peruse...The website calendar will have this and other info: http://www.oldtownnewhallassociation....

          Please also stop by Heritage Junction for a bit of local history.

          :) KQ

          Lombardi Ranch
          29527 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA

      3. Yes, especially east and slightly north of Ojai (not technically 126, but in the same general area). There's a stand on Carne Rd between 150 and Grand Ave., and a stand at Boccali's at the 150 split (where 150 descends into the Santa Paula Valley and Reeves Rd. stays on top of the escarpment). There are a few others in there, all by the honour system as usual.

        The Ojai farmers' market (Sunday mornings) is very large and very good.

        Boccali's Restaurant
        3277 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

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          Are there still apple ranches on the west side of Ojai along Rte 33?