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Oct 4, 2011 06:57 PM

Herndon area: Birthday cake

Is there any bakery in Herndon or nearby that is reputed to have to-die-for cakes? It is going to be for a birthday party.

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  1. Amphora Bakery - off Spring Street I believe. Warehouse from the outside but nice inside.

    1. Update on this: We ended up going with a friend's recommendation for a cake from Hot Breads in Herndon K-mart Plaza on Elden. It is an Indian snack food and bake shop, but their cakes are outstanding. The cakes aren't rich and cloying, they are light, very moist, and airy. The frosting is also not too sweet, which is a problem I always have with bakery bought cakes. I know many people would find it weird to order a cake from an Indian snack shop, but seriously, the cakes are good. All of our guests at the birthday party were raving about the vanilla cake with mango mousse that we ordered. Hot Breads has eggless cakes, too, but we didn't try that type. Anyway, just my thoughts on the cake thing.